Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Photo credits: Hally Everett

Last week I went to see “Winter’s Tale,” a performance in conjunction between University Theater and the Department of Theater and Dance. After the show, I interviewed some of the cast members to learn about their take on the show. Check it out!

According to the WCU Theater and Dance website, the synopsis of the play is: “King Leontes tears his family apart with his jealousy, but grief unlocks his heart. Will the King find the child he abandoned before it is too late? Will the bear catch [its] prey? Will statues come to life? Come see [“The Winter’s Tale,”] in one of Philadelphia[’s] premiere director[’s] contemporary retelling of [one of] Shakespeare’s classics.” 

I asked Logan Santana, Noah Glose and Kat Duncan a few questions about the play. Here are their answers: 

What character do you play? 

Santana: ​​I play Perdita and Mariner. I truly love how different they are.

Glose: I play King Leontes of Sicilia. 

Duncan: I play the Clown, who is the son of the Shepherd. I also play the Geoler (jailer). 

What is your favorite line to deliver?

Santana: My favorite line is the end of the Mariner’s monologue — “Besides this place is famous for the creature of prey that keep upon’t” — because he has an interesting sound and is nervous to be in Bohemia. 

Glose: Some of my favorite lines come right from the beginning of the play as you see Leontes’ jealousy begin to take over him and his thoughts. My favorite monologue is in there, and it is always a treat to deliver it alongside my castmate, Dyl, who plays Camillo. 

Duncan: My favorite line to deliver is actually part of my monologue. I make a bunch of noises in my first monologue when Clown is first introduced! “How the sea flap-dragoned it!” 

What emotions did you feel as you played your character? 

Santana: The Mariner makes me feel very high energy and kinda silly. I have a true sense of calm when I’m playing him. When I play Perdita, I find it very nerve-wracking because she is feeling so many emotions. She is in love, and she has a lot of pressure on her shoulders with the shearing festival.

Glose: Leontes goes through a wave of emotions throughout the play, and you really feel sorry for him in the end. He was never a bad person, only had a bad day. 

Duncan: Mostly I just felt the energy in the room. The excitement of the crowd, the intensity of the scene. The pure joy of just performing. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

Santana: I learned a lot about myself with becoming Perdita, and I’m glad to be able to be a part of this process.

Glose: This show takes you through an emotional rollercoaster of love, loss, regret and laughter.

Duncan: Come see “Winter’s Tale!”

Special thank you to the cast who let me interview them, and congratulations on a wonderful show! The theater department has two upcoming shows. The “Student-Written One Acts” are happening April 1–3, and “Into the Woods” is happening Apr. 20-24. You won’t want to miss them! 

Hally Everett is a fifth-year Media & Culture major with minors in Health Sciences and Entrepreneurship.

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