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Wanna know who your soulmate is… based on your zodiac sign?

Disclaimer: if you are currently in love and you don’t see your match, it’s okay — these are just matches that are known to work best by astrology; they aren’t proven to be 100% true.

If you are an Aries (March 21-April 19) you will need someone who will allow you to take charge and be spontaneous. Sagittarius, Gemini and Aries are great companions because they will love your adventurous side and outgoing personality.

If you are a Taurus (April 20-May 20) you will need someone who appreciates their pace, passion and desire to hold all the power. A Capricorn and Virgo would make a great match because they both share the same morals and fundamental nature.

If you are a Gemini (May 21- June 20) you will need someone who encourages your free and adventurous spirit. Libra is a perfect match because they are really understanding and non-judgmental. A Sagittarius and Aquarius would be a good match because they enjoy exploring and trying new things.

If you are a Cancer (June 21-July 22) you will need someone who is very loving and welcoming, someone who loves to take care of others along with you. A Scorpio and Pisces will appreciate a cancer love. A Virgo also loves to nurture and take care of others, so they can be a good match as well.

If you are a Leo (July 23-August 22) you will need a partner in crime, someone who has a lot of liveliness for life as them. A Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini will all be good matches because they all share Leo’s excitement for life.

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If you are a Virgo (August 23-September 22) you will be looking for someone who does everything with passion and purpose. A Capricorn will be a perfect match because they both share the love for being hard working.

If you are a Libra (September 23-October 22) you will thrive with someone who brings balance and direction in your life. The most logical choice would be to date another Libra, but an Aries or an Aquarius can also provide a nice challenge that you will enjoy.

If you are a Scorpio (October 23- November 21) you will need someone who’s willing to look past the surface and truly see them for who they really are. A Pisces or Cancer will be the perfect match for them because they are also very emotional and they can match the intense energy of a Scorpio.

If you are a Sagittarius (November 22- December 21) similar to a Leo you will need someone, a playmate, someone who enjoys going out and doing things with you. Another Sagittarius or a Gemini would be the best match. They will enjoy your energetic lifestyle and thrive along with you.

If you are a Capricorn (December 22- January 19) you are looking for a partner who supports you and notices your excellence along with your vulnerabilities. A Virgo and another Capricorn will appreciate your drive and fully understand you so they would be the best option.

If you are an Aquarius (January 20- February 18) you will love someone who can understand your curiosity. Aquarius and Gemini will love that you are a free thinker, and they will also bring out your energetic side.

If you are a Pisces ( February 19- March 20) you will need someone who enjoys their “out there” personality. A Scorpio and Cancer will help them navigate the world and make them feel sane.

Ashley-Nichole Mcdonald is a fourth-year Media & Culture major.

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