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Poetry is art. It is an expression of our perceptions, and it is something that can be shared and cherished. Whether we rhyme in the way we jot down our words, or stick to an overarching theme to things, poetry is unique in its many forms. Each poem has a story behind it, as well as emotions that can be felt in each word. I believe poetry is an important and misunderstood artform that seems distant in entry, but is actually more open than one would think.

Poems can be about one thing, but really disguised as another. An example would be writing out a poem that seems to be about a summer’s day, when in reality it is actually a commercial for ice cream. The fact that a poem can have multiple meanings, depending on how you look at it, shows its versatility.

You can also make a poem about anything, and the poem itself can be just about any length. It is because of the imagination that goes into poetry, that the barrier to entry is only limited to your own imagination. Poetry is what you make it, as it can use your emotions and knowledge to make an impactful and lasting statement.

An example of poetry making an impactful and lasting statement would be Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb” poem, which was given at President Biden’s Inauguration. Throughout the poem, when you look past the surface level, you can see many hidden meanings and truths about the country we live in. Poetry can act as a medium of exchange of ideas and harsh truths of the world we live in.

Whether short and to the point, or long and full with hidden depth, you can use poetry as an outlet, just a general form of expression, or a message to share with others. The art form aids in our understanding of the world and can help us learn as we continue to grow as individuals throughout life.

Poetry sheds a unique light on common topics through unique placement of words, further showing us the power of words and language. At the very least, the act of participating in poetry provides practice for your reading, writing and speech skills.

When writing a poem, you are challenged to expand your vocabulary too, constantly looking up new words that mean the same thing in order to make your poem sound just right. Poetry takes exploration into many subjects, as well as a deep dive into what you believe and stand for, making it an art form that is good for your identity.

When writing poetry, it can literally just be a jumble of words at the beginning, and that brainstorming can lead to more ideas and more writing down the road as well. When we begin one subject, it can expand into other avenues and interests for us.

Poetry is so powerful because of all the skills that go into it, as well as the personal capital and emotions that we pour into each word we place on the page. I highly recommend taking the time to start writing poems.

I also recommend checking out “Ours Poetica” on YouTube, where a lot of speakers read poems aloud, capturing the emotions that go along with each of the works. Poetry is an art form, but an accessible one that anyone can begin to create, it just takes your mind and patience to start.

Ours Poetica-

Evan Brooks is a fourth-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civic and Professional Leadership.

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