Wed. Dec 8th, 2021
Evan Brooks
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Evan Brooks is a fourth-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civil & Professional Leadership.

Community service is the backbone of many organizations at West Chester University (WCU), with the Center for Civic Engagement & Social Impact (CCESI) serving as a resource for those service-oriented organizations. From CCESI, with help from the office of Student Leadership & Involvement (SLI) and the Student Government Association (SGA), the Service Council of WCU was formed. Revived by Nick Marcil, a Higher Education Policy and Student Affairs Master’s program graduate student at WCU, the Service Council has now been active for two years.

Serving as the Coordinator of the Service Council, Nick Marcil revived the organization “because of many organizations trying to figure out what service looked like for them throughout COVID.” By conducting a few meetings each semester since its revival, the Service Council has worked alongside various organizations, exploring what works for them in terms of service and promoting opportunities in which all organizations can take part.

While mostly service-oriented organizations with service chairs attend, all organizations are welcome to join each meeting by sending a representative to learn new skills and capture more event ideas from their fellow organizations. The goal of each Service Council meeting is to collaborate, learn and foster critical thinking “about the service their members do within their community.”

The Service Council of WCU presents an environment for organizations to come together and to share any issues they may be having, challenges they are facing and opportunities that all organizations can contribute to. In short, the Service Council serves as an open space for both thought and opportunity.

Currently, the Council is in the midst of finalizing a date for its October meeting, which should be found via their Ramconnect page once finalized. If you or your organization are interested or would like to get involved, use the contact email listed below or add yourself to the RamConnect page to join the mailing list.

As Nick Marcil has expressed, the Service Council is a “wonderful experience,” and he is “happy to help folks come together because too many times we just stay in our bubbles.” After the virtual year that we have all experienced, coming together to aid others and our community can serve as a way to reenter the in-person environment.

The Service Council of WCU serves as a connection between the organizations, the service and involvement departments, and the local community. The Council is not only a resource but a worthwhile experience for anyone that joins.

From the Adopt-A-Block program to aiding the local bank, the Service Council aims to ensure all service opportunities are laid out on the table for individuals and organizations. Meetings provide a space to interact and to grow together through valuable lessons based on skills unique to each organization.

The benefits to the individual include: possible service hours, connections with community-based institutions, new skills learned from each organization and the chance to discover an organization you would want to continue working with and possibly join. For organizations: you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations, learn new service-oriented tactics to grow in both size and service activity and find networking opportunities with both WCU departments and local institutions.

Connect with the Service Council of WCU, either through email or via Ramconnect. Use this new resource for both organizational and personal growth as you aid the local community through service.

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