Letter from the editor

Dear West Chester,

This week is an exciting time for transition and new leadership within The Quad. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Kirsten Magas for her well-deserved managing editor election win.

The position of the managing editor means serving in a crucial leadership position, in addition to managing the financials of our newspaper. In short, the managing editor helps the editor-in-chief with much-needed tasks and important responsibilities that I may not always have the time to complete effectively. Ultimately, the managing editor is meant to serve as a leader and mentor to the staff and writers within the organization. Knowing Kirsten for many years, I have no doubt she will do an excellent job in this position while she’s here.

As excited as I am to see Kirsten in this new position, I know I am going to miss Ashley Martindale, our exiting managing editor this semester. She is graduating this fall, and has done a wonderful job with managing our social media, keeping track of the budget and helping me with applications and edits. I wish Ashley nothing but the best of luck in her post-graduation life and know she will do incredible in whatever she chooses to do next.

We have a lot of new hires coming into the Quad in these next few weeks, and I look forward to the unique perspectives and experience they’ll bring to the organization. The Quad has become the ever-growing organization it is today because of the hard word and perspective a large staff has to offer.

I’ll be very excited to announce the rest of our new hires next week. Until then, West Chester.

Samantha Walsh

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