Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Dear West Chester,

As the weather gets colder, don’t forget to step back and take care of the vessel that inhabits your mind, thoughts and soul: your body. All the work, the partying and anything else that occupies your time can always be put on hold to make sure you aren’t working your body and brain to the breaking point.

The phrase “do your best” is thrown around a lot, by parents, teachers and the like. But “do your best” doesn’t mean “work yourself to a mental and physical breakdown.” After that, it’s no longer your best. Working and enjoying your life to the best a healthy brain and body can do is all that anybody should ever expect from you.

It’s about knowing your limits, knowing when to say yes to yourself and when to say no to others. One person’s limits are not another’s. Just because one person can complete more tasks than they seem like they can handle doesn’t mean they’re handling them well.

Whether or not this sentiment feels like a broken record by now, I’ll never stop believing in it and encouraging others to do the same. While I would never expect any of my staff to come in too sick to move, none of us should ever expect that of ourselves, either.

The weather is changing, everybody. Stay healthy for yourself and for those who care about you and your health.


Samantha Walsh

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