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The Creative Commons: I’m Not Me

I’m gunna fall

out of my skin

And lay in a puddle

on the floor

if I hear your name

slither into my ear

and coil up next to my brain

one more time.

Your name

constricts my mind

until it’s numb of thoughts.

I’m gunna fall

out of my skin

if I have to see you again.

Let me melt into the walls

whenever that day comes.

I don’t wanna be in my body for that.

Can I fall

out of my skin

and go find someone’s else,

in hopes to fit a little tighter-

more comfortably.

I don’t wanna be in this skin anymore—

We don’t get along

when my heart hurts

and my head is at odds with itself.

Don’t make me sleep

another night in this shell

that echoes with emptiness

when I walk.

I’m afraid people can hear

my hollowness screaming

that the seams are bursting-

vomiting a whole lot of me all over.

My skin can’t contain

my thoughts anymore.

She’s not me—

And I can’t pretend to be her.

I’m jumping with

or without my shell.

Hopefully some other skin

will catch my soul.

Because I’m in desperate need of catching.

Lindsey Hardy is a student at West Chester University.

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