Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

The videogame “Sayonara Wild Hearts” is a wild, roller coaster experience that has the right level of style and gameplay to keep you hooked until you finish it. It’s a mesmerizing experience that, while extremely short, kept me interested with eye-catching visuals and a killer soundtrack.

The story is this: an enigmatic entity chooses this young girl to be a Wild Heart, a sort of hero who was destined to appear to bring back the lost balance of another world from a dark power.

While there are hardly any words spoken in the entire game, the conflict and character of every enemy that the Wild Heart has to defeat is represented with a unique flair that I haven’t seen in any other game that I’ve played.

Because there are so few words spoken, everything the characters feel has to either be acted out or represented by their surroundings. The very color of the environment changes with the tone of the enemy that she has to defeat.

Pretty much every character dances and emotes as they attack or defend, showing just how expressive the characters in this game can really be, despite the fact that there is no dialogue. It’s honestly an incredible game to simply kick back and watch because of just how much emotion the characters can show without talking.

It’s pretty difficult to say what genre of game “Sayonara Wild Hearts” is. Pretty much every level has a different kind of feel and gameplay. In one level, you will find yourself shooting at wolves while on a motorcycle in the middle of a dark forest. In another, you’ll be dueling enemies with swords while in a decrepit city.

However, the closest genre you can classify “Sayonara Wild Hearts” as is a rhythm game.

Obviously not in the conventional sense: this isn’t like guitar hero where your nondescript guy just stands on a stage while strumming out a solo. This is an adrenaline pumping maelstrom of different ideas and gameplay styles that are all stretched over the core gameplay of a rhythm game.

Almost everything in this game is in sync with the music, from the transitions of different styles of play, to the inevitable quick-time events in every level. If you aren’t in the rhythm, just like in other rhythm games, you will find yourself failing to make much progress.

“Sayonara Wild Hearts” is a wild ride of a game that isn’t afraid to introduce the player to amazing music, different gameplay styles and jaw-dropping visuals.

However, while I do love this game for all that it is, I do have one criticism — its length.

I sat down one afternoon and decided to give it a spin. I was having a blast with the mechanics and the music. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the levels looked and how epic the gameplay was. I was moving from one stage to the next with very little respite.

I admit it. I was hooked.

I was breezing through the game, absolutely loving my experience — until it just ended.

In total, it took me around two hours of play to complete the full game. I will say as a person who loved this game, that it was still completely worth the money for the two hours of an absolute gem of an experience.

It’s honestly quite a shame that “Sayonara Wild Hearts” was so short. After the final boss, I only felt warmed up for a longer lasting experience with everything the game had to offer. I can understand that some people aren’t going to want to buy a $15 game that only lasts the length of a movie. However, I have to be grateful for, while brief, enchanting ride that this game was.

“Sayonara Wild Hearts” is an incredible game, and one that I highly recommend. From its killer soundtrack to its many unique levels, it gets a full recommendation from me. Barring its extreme brevity, there is little that I can truly criticize because of how much of a journey it was for me to experience.

Edward Park is a second-year student majoring in English education.

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