Sat. May 25th, 2024

Miami at Dallas: If ever there was a tragedy more plainly written before it began, it would be this. The Dolphins travel out west this Sunday for a 1 p.m. game at AT&T Stadium. With them, they carry a league’s worst overall defense that has already given up almost twice as many points as any other team. Once they arrive in Dallas, Miami will come face-to-face with the Cowboy’s league second-best offense that has so far outperformed all expectations. Even the loss of wideout Michael Gallup (knee) likely will not be enough to hold back the rampaging Dak Prescott. Dallas has some of the best odds of any matchup so far and, barring another Miami Miracle, everything should be coming up Cowboys. (DAL -22.5)

Detroit at Philadelphia: After having their receiving front get put through the grinder in a close fought loss to the Falcons on Sunday Night Football, the Eagles are looking to right the ship against the 1-0-1 Lions. First, however, they will have to go through Matthew Stafford, who has been turning a few heads since he pulled off the upset in week two against Rivers and the Charger. The Detroit defense has been their downfall, however, and is going to need some serious play from the likes of Trey Flowers and Christian Jones if they want to stand their ground at the Linc this Sunday. (PHI -6)

New York at New England: It would seem that even some flashy new uniforms haven’t been enough to turn things around for a hopeful Jets team going into the NFL’s 100th season, or to ward off the bubonic quarterback plague of 2019. Going into week 3, New York has already lost their sophomore starter to mono, and now with the ankle injury to backup quarterback Trevor Siemian on Monday Night Football, the rolling finger points to third string rookie Luke Falk. In the eyes of Bill Belichick, this is just another stop on the road to one of the easiest 7-0 starts in NFL history. Tom Brady looks like his usual star-caliber self, and with a shiny new toy from Oakland, the Patriots are on their way to a pretty good weekend. (NE -22)

Atlanta at Indianapolis: Right down the line, this is a meeting of two teams that are nothing of what their fan bases expected. Both suffered week 1 losses while managing to eke out their week 2 match-ups. Offensively, Jacoby Brissett is just starting to get his sea legs after being unexpectedly awarded a starting role. Meanwhile, former MVP Matt Ryan has looked average at best, throwing an interception for every touchdown he’s managed in the last two weeks. Neither team has shown any reason that they might be serious contenders this year. Expect a close game. (IND -1.5)

Baltimore at Kansas City: It doesn’t take much more than your laissez-faire football fan to tell you that the Ravens have been playing well. Lamar Jackson finding his arm was all it took to rocket Baltimore to the no. one offense in the NFL. Meanwhile, Pat Mahomes found his arm a while ag, and hasn’t lost it since. However, with multiple receivers on the rocks for Sunday, Andy Reid might need to be ready to try something new. Expect a shootout from two teams trying to remain the best in their divisions. (KC -6)

New Orleans at Seattle: Loyal Saints fans can gnash their teeth and call foul play as much as they want, they’d still be 1-1 after Sean Payton found himself on the wrong end of a 27-9 blow in week 2. Call it bad defense or just disappointing offense, New Orleans will need to show up against the Seahawks this week if they want to be back in the Super Bowl conversation. It is worth mentioning that the Saints are a meager 1-5 in their last 20 years of visits to CenturyLink Field. Pete Carroll and friends will just need to stand their ground to hold on in an unexpectedly tight NFC West. (SEA -4)

Matthew Shimkonis is a first-year student majoring in history.

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