Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Today was Halloween and the first Halloween that Kylie didn’t have a costume planned. She felt as if she was getting older and “lost her way,” like the tree said. For some reason, Kylie didn’t feel motivated or even interested in making a costume. “Kylie! Mask or no mask?”

“Mask. You’re being the Grim Reaper Brandon,” Kylie told her brother.

“Yeah, I know, but in school they, like, shun us!”

“Just bring it with you and see what happens, okay?”

Kylie always strived to look after her brother, being the only female figure in his life, she wanted to protect him. She secretly admired her brother and his wit; he never seemed disappointed- although looks can be deceiving.

The front door opened and in stepped Kylie’s dad holding an abundance of white campaign signs. Kylie went to go help him carry them inside.

…although, looks can be deceiving.

Breathing heavily, he said, “Thank you Kylie, today was a long day.”

“No problem, Dad. Can we order a pizza tonight? You’re tired and shouldn’t cook!”

“Yes, good idea. My campaign manager sucks. I don’t even know why I’m doing this.”

“You got this dad!”

“Thanks, son. I’m sorry I haven’t been doing more around the house lately, it’s all a mess.”

“Dad, you do everything you can, and we appreciate that so much,” Kylie told him kindly.

Luke gave his kids a big hug. Kylie ordered the pizza, as the doorbells started to ring with hungry trick-or-treaters. Brandon started running towards the door, “Hey guys I’m gonna head out now, save me three slices of pizza!”

Kylie and her dad sat near the door ready to hand out candy, “Why aren’t you dressed up, Ky?”

Kylie put her hair behind her ear and shrugged her shoulders: “I just wasn’t feeling it this year. I want to stay home and hand out candy this year.”

“Kylie, you never miss a Halloween! Is something wrong?”

“No, Dad, I don’t have a costume and I really don’t want to go out this year,” she said, getting progressively louder.

“Sweetie, if there is something going on, I want to help you. I am your father, and I never want you to lose your spark. You and Brandon are my everything; I want you to be happy.”

“Dad, really! I’m sorry I just really don’t want to go I don’t feel good,” she sighed. I guess I can put a clown mask to scare the trick-or-treaters”

Luke smiled and gave his daughter a pat on the back.

Madison Starinieri is a student majoring in English Education and Special Education.

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