Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Dear West Chester,

While you have already had the benefit of watching the Oscars play out at the time of reading this, we here at the office on Sunday were buzzing with what we wanted to see and what we wanted to win. Straying away from the more intense messages we typically like to share, let’s share hopes and predictions­ — in the case of this letter, it’ll serve as a nice way to hold our opinions accountable through the test of time. 

Olivia, Managing Editor: I’m just trying to peep Meryl Streep.

Doménica, News Editor: I’m hoping “Mary Queen of Scots” wins for best costume design! I think that movie was phenomenal. As a big fan of historical fiction pieces I really appreciate their attention to detail when dressing all of the characters.

Max, Editor-in-Chief: I would be really pleased to see “The Favourite” and “Roma” — which currently stand out for the sheer number of nominations they have received — succeed. “Into The Spider-Verse” is another great pick for animated picture. I am personally surprised, however, that niche critically acclaimed movies like “Eighth Grade” didn’t get any recognition. And what happened to the love for Damien Chazelle? Perhaps everyone was burnt out after the “La La Land” hype.

Samantha, Asst. News Editor: I want to see “Black Panther” be recognized as an incredible movie and a stand-out in the superhero genre.

Eric, Entertainment Editor: I was honestly kind of disappointed with the best picture list, as most were good but not many stood out as great. It’ll be interesting to see if the Oscars cave to popular demand or not. I’m personally rooting for “Roma” or “The Favourite,” though I won’t be surprised if we get our first superhero best picture. I’m also hoping to see “Into The Spider-Verse” win Best Animated Picture.

Enjoy The Oscars,
The Quad Staff

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