Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Dear West Chester University,

After a semester’s worth of research, planning and dedication, Celine Butler’s piece on sexual misconduct at West Chester University has reached the The Quad. Let me be the first to say how much sheer time was spent on Butler’s part; the amount of data-gathering, research analysis and interview planning involved in the creation of this piece is astounding. For a student to dedicate so much time to a piece not for any gain but for the betterment of the university is nothing short of selfless.

Likewise, all those who had a part in the piece deserve accolade: faculty like Dr. Erin Hurt and Dr. Deborah Mahlstedt who advised and gave direction for the piece have to be mentioned and specifically thanked. Likewise, the editorial staff who helped bring the piece to the page — Olivia Bortner, Domenica Castro, John Bilcik, Ashley Martindale and Daniel Abel — should all be mentioned for their efforts to create the right place for the article.

Outside of our front-cover story, we have many pieces worth diving into and reading. Ali Kochik, in this very section, discusses ways that allies can fight for victims of sexual misconduct. Christoforos Sassaris wrote an excellent and thorough review based on his experiences with My Fair Lady. Allison Roller and Brooke Bassett co-wrote a piece on attempted improvements of higher Pennsylvania education with the “Pennsylvania Promise.”  Eric Lowe and Lee Holmes wrote another features piece, continuing to illustrate their experience as African-American students at West Chester University. Our dedicated Asst. News Editor, Sam Walsh, wrote a comprehensive analysis on white supremacist groups and their online habitats.

At the 2018 Lawrence A. Dowdy Diversity, Inclusion and Civility Symposium, a lecturer mentioned the idea that data, backed with strong argument, almost can never be stopped, so long as there are advocates to push for change. We have the data, we have the course of change and action — now, we need awareness, and we need advocacy. Thank you for supporting The Quad.


Max James


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