Dear West Chester,

Well, quite a lot has happened since we put together our previous issue last Sunday. Or, more appropriately, one huge thing happened: The Eagles won the Super Bowl! Though I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, I can’t deny that I was pretty excited for the Eagles’ first-ever Super Bowl win. We have a number of articles covering everything from the superstitions regarding the game to the celebrations that ensued in the streets, so flip through news and sports if those sound like your cup of tea.

As the staff here at The Quad continues with our redesigns and changes, I’ll put out the call again: We’re looking for columnists who are interested in providing articles on a consistent topic either every week or every other week, so if you’re particularly passionate about, I don’t know, birds, shoot me an email and we can discuss the position further! Additionally, you might have noticed that our centerspread has changed over to what we’re calling “the creative commons,” so if you fancy yourself a creative writer—or artist, for that matter—we’d love to host some of your work! Get your work in while our submissions are still pretty open.

For those who are more audio-oriented than they are visual, we also have great opportunities for you. We’ve had a few people express interest in starting up some podcasts, so if you think you might be interested, you know… email me and stuff. The great thing about these is that the topic is totally up to the creators of the podcast, so if you’ve had a passion and no place to put it, we’d be happy to host it on our website.

Also, very quick shout out to our most recent addition to the team, Alyssa Palumbo, as our fourth and final copy editor!

That’s it for this week! I just realized Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, so grab your significant other or close friends and celebrate the season of love with some overpriced candy and Hallmark greeting cards.

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