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The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta at West Chester University have been busy the month of April, supporting Autism Speaks throughout World Autism Month. Alpha Xi Delta is Autism Speak’s official sponsor, raising over five million dollars for this incredible cause.

The Zeta Eta chapter here on campus kicked off the start of April with their Amaxing Challenge “Football Frenxi,” a flag football tournament. Many other Greek organizations made teams to play in the competition, and all proceeds from the teams, raffles, and food sales went to Autism Speaks. The en- tire field was decorated in blue, and the sisters all cheered on their friends from the sidelines.

On April 3, the sisters traveled to New York City with a few other chapters. Waking up at 4 a.m. to go to “The Today Show” at the Rockefeller Center was well worth it, especially when it’s for such a great cause! April 2 is Autism Awareness Day, so they proudly stood outside at “The Today Show” with sisters from the surrounding states.

The first week of April, the sisters split up around West Chester to decorate the houses of other fraternity and sororities.

The houses were covered in blue streamers, balloons and posters showing support for Autism Speaks. The academic quad was also decorated with informative puzzle pieces, blue balloones and blue streamers. The Ram Statue on Rosedale was also “Lighting It Up Blue” with blue lights shining on the school mascot.

Every single Monday and Wednesday of the month of April, the sisters had a different activity to show their support and spread awareness and acceptance. The first activity was handing out blue gum in the academic quad to all students that walked by on their way to classes.

The second activity was handing out assorted candied in Sykes Student Union and the academic quad with informative facts about Autism Speaks. The table with the candies was always decorated with blue and gold flowers, letters, posters and flyers about Autism Speaks and Alpha Xi Delta. The third activity was “Pie-a-Sister” in the quad, where students donated money to Autism Speaks in exchanged for pie-ing any of the sisters in the face. Sisters willingly offered to be pied, knowing it was for a great cause.

The fourth activity was a bake sale, where we gave out blue treats in exchange for donations. The fifth activity was handing out blue lemonade in both the quad and Sykes student Union, free to students walking around on campus.

Each sister has been individually raising money online that goes directly to Autism Speaks, as friends and family are supporting the girls of Alpha Xi Delta and their philanthropy. They proudly support Autism Speaks annually, but the month of April is very special to them.

For a cause so close to their hearts, they come together with sisters at many other schools to show their support and love for Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks enhances lives today and is accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

Allie McCutchen is a third-year student majoring in managing and marketing. She can be reached at

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