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As a junior in college and a semi-official adult at 20 years old, I try to cook my own meals most of the time. Although I do still have a seven-per-week meal plan on campus for convenience reasons, I can say with pride that I am able to provide for myself with more than just Cup O’ Noodles and microwaved hot dogs.

That being said, there is nothing I love more than going out to eat every once in a while and having delicious, hot food brought to my drooling face. When these rare occasions pop up, there is one local restaurant that beats all other options: Mumbai Bistro.

Located only a short distance from campus on 18 S. Church St., Mumbai Bistro is a relatively small and cozy eatery that is worth the walk. Before you even enter the restaurant, you can smell the marinated meats and simmering sauces that have been cooking all day. The friendly staff will greet you as you walk in and look over the menu and the buffet.

The buffet is what makes Mumbai a unique West Chester eatery. It’s offered every day that the restaurant is open and has special pricing.

The Indian food that is offered on the buffet can range from chicken korma to paneer masala to chicken vindaloo. Chicken tikka masala and basmati rice are staples that the buffet offers every day. Their website gives descriptions of all the meals for those who want more detail and description.

My go-to meal consists of chicken tikka masala, a side of rice, garlic naan (an Indian flatbread) and raita (a creamy yogurt sauce).

Although Mumbai Bistro does deliver, which has worked in my favor on numerous late-night occasions, I think their food is best enjoyed with a group of close friends.

This past Saturday, my friends and I did just that when we ventured to Mumbai Bistro for a much needed “family style” meal. As we waited for one other friend to join our group, we couldn’t help but drool over the scents emanating from the kitchen. Finally, once everyone arrived, we all either chose a variety of dishes from the buffet or ordered off the menu. The food was just as good as I remembered it to be.

A few of my friends who had never eaten at Mumbai were pleasantly surprised by the low prices and diverse spread of options.

Overall, I couldn’t think of a better place to share a meal with close friends than at Mumbai Bistro.

The fact that I’ve recently entered the realm of adulthood hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the small things, like going out to eat. When a particular kind of hunger strikes, Mumbai Bistro is the only restaurant that can satisfy.

So next time you reach for that pack of ramen or decide to whip something up in the kitchen, maybe you should put that on hold for a “treat yourself” day at West Chester’s best Indian restaurant.

Rachel Alfiero is a third-year student majoring in communication studies with a minor in Latin American studies.

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