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In order to gain the freshman 15 without spending your life savings, you, young freshman, must first learn your way around the eateries around campus.
There are three main places: The Diner, Rams Head, and Lawrence.

For the best results of gaining weight, we will focus on Lawrence.

Lawrence is located off New Street on North Campus. It resides relatively close to all of the dorms and is right next to the Recreation Center.

Above the cafeteria are many useful places where you can explore on a full stomach. Added bonus: It only takes one meal swipe to gain access to the full buffet of food.

After your first class, bring your computer and all your work to Lawrence. Then pick a table or booth next to an outlet (especially if your computer is low on battery) and walk around and get your first round of food. Make sure you have a balanced diet.

Candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup are all part of the main food groups. There are also helpful posters on the walls, if you want to abide by scientific food groups and guides to stay healthy.

The meals vary slightly, but there is always a salad bar, pizza and pasta, made to order sandwiches, wraps, bagels and bread, burgers at the grill and usually waffles.

I recommend starting with at least two plates, one for salad and one for pizza and pasta. Then you can work while you munch.

Once one plate is empty, take a break from working and grab another. An excellent second round choice is either waffles and ice cream or some soup or fruit from up front.

After a few weeks, you will know what foods and quantities of food make you feel good, energized or nauseous.

Then you can eat depending on how you feel or want to feel that day. You are now in control of your destiny.

If you feel like you are gaining too much weight, just next door there is the rec center with a variety of facilities to exercise and burn all those lovely calories you just gained.

On your way out of Lawrence, don’t forget to pick up at least two desserts. One appetizing combination is an ice cream sandwich.

This consists of one of the six to eight flavors of scooped ice cream placed in between two cookies or brownies from the dessert bar.

Olivia Kimber is a first-year student majoring in chemistry education. Contact the writer at OK851646@wcupa.edu.

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