Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Homecoming took place this year from Friday, Oct. 23 to Sunday, Oct. 25. The West Chester University Golden Rams were inspired by the beach and came up with the theme “Rams in the Sand.” Homecoming had many alumni members returning to their alma mater in order to see what new events and activities WCU had created since they last visited.

Homecoming began with a Kickoff Party on Friday, Oct. 23, hosted by the WCU Alumni & Foundation Center and sponsored by Levante Brewing Brewery and Pub.

The homecoming parade began at 10 a.m. and included current and returning members from many activities and clubs based on campus, including the WCU Fencing Team, who demonstrated fencing bouts to the crowd; the LGBTQA; West Chester’s cheerleaders who showed off their stunts; and current and alumni members of the Incomparable Golden Rams Marching Band. The band performed “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon and the West Chester Fight Song.

The oldest returning alumni member of the marching band was in his upper eighties and could not march well anymore, but that did not stop him from bringing a chair and playing along with band members. He explained why he continued to come to events where most people in attendance were sixty years his junior.

“This band is my family, these people are my people, and I love them,” he said.

After the parade, returning alumni were offered campus tours by the Office of Admissions. Some expressed their surprise at the current size of WCU.

Pointing to Mitchell Hall, which is the new Center for International Programs, one woman reflected, “That used to be where my dorm room was. Look how new it is now.”

West Chester also hosted a pre-game party for its alumni members. The party included food, beer, baggo tournaments, giveaways, raffles, the Philadelphia Zoo on Wheels, and much more.

The Golden Rams were scheduled to take on the Bloomsburg Huskies, an adversary who, before this game, had defeated the Rams five out of six times.

The game took place in front of a crowd of 6,347. It ended when WCU’s defensive back Shaquil James returned an interception for 92 yards, scoring with 19 seconds remaining on the clock. The crowd cheered as James sealed the game for the Rams, with a final score of 33-22.

Alumni members of the marching band then came onto the field in order to play the classic Malagueña and Russian Christmas Music that have been passed down from band members throughout the years.

After the homecoming court was brought out, Gary Prince and Aaliyah Chisholm were crowned as respective homecoming king and queen.

The homecoming festivities continued into the night as the Greek Alumni mixer, the School of Music Alumni Reunion, and the Black Alumni Chapter Party all hosted parties to welcome returning affiliates.

Homecoming ended on Sunday, Oct. 23 with an Adopt-a-Block, where students, faculty, staff, and alumni worked together to clean up the community.

Arden Colleluori is a third-year student majoring in English writing and women’s and gender studies with a minor in Spanish. She can be reached at

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