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The West Chester area is flourishing with off campus dining options. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or somewhere to take someone of special significance, the town area and back streets around West Chester University has a place for you.

I’ve been a student here for two years and as I’m approaching my final semester this fall, I can confidently say that I have had my fair share of most of the restaurants around this town. I also spoke with a few students and faculty members on campus to hear where their favorite places are and their opinions on some of their restaurant experiences in the area.

I have a few favorite places in town. For me, it all depends on my mood, the time of day, who I’m with, or how much money I’m willing to fork over (pun intended), but really though, the eating options in West Chester are vast. Since breakfast is universally considered to be the first and most essential meal of the day, that is a good place to begin. Penn Table on Gay Street is delicious. They serve the best breakfast in town and as a family owned business, the vibe they provide is naturally warm and welcoming. In the few times I’ve been I met just about everyone that works there. My favorite thing on their menu is the customizable omelet where you can choose up to four ingredients, ranging from spinach to chicken to steak and mushrooms, etc.

Another good breakfast spot is Nudies on Main Street where New Street intersects. I really enjoy their food, but the décor inside and their eccentric menu is super creative, which is what won me over the first time I went. They’re appropriate if you want to take someone out for a date or get to know someone better.

During lunch, a good place for a quick bite is Burrito Loco, right next to Dynamic Book Store on Lacey Street. Their food is served quickly, without sacrificing the taste. In addition, the menu is really cheap and depending on the day, they offer a list of specials and combination deals. And since they are only a three minute walk from the library, it doesn’t take much time out of your schedule to go there during the day.

If you have some time to spare though, my favorite restaurant, around here, that sells semi-fast food is Buddy’s Burgers. Located on Gay Street, Buddy’s Burgers specializes in what some would consider gourmet burgers. They also serve chicken sandwiches and turkey burgers as well.

During dinner hours, I really like any of the bars in town that have kitchens and serve wings. On Mondays, Kildare’s on Gay Street just half a block from High Street, offers wing specials. On Tuesdays, Landmarks has the wing deals which is just two blocks down the street from Kildare’s. And on Wednesdays, Barnaby’s is where to go to get ten wings for only 4 bucks. Each of these places offer an assortment of flavors and sauces and the tab on their designated wing night will never amount to over 5 dollars per plate.

If wings and French fries are too casual of a meal for the evening you are looking to go out on, there is this one place that I really love in town called Kooma on N. Church Street. They specialize in Japanese food and their interior design matched with their upscale bar and menu selection is a great way to celebrate or treat someone for a night out.

Those are a few of my go-to places, but I also wanted to hear the opinions of others that spend much of their time in the West Chester community.

Beginning with breakfast, Main Street Grille was a reoccurring place people recommended. Both, students and faculty, raved about how unique their breakfast options were and the affordability of their menu. I’ve been to Main Street Grille once and I can vouch for both of those statements.

For lunch or dinner, a co-worker of mine recommended Limoncello. He claimed they may be on the pricey side, but the food and service is worth it. They also offer a lunch buffet every weekday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. A few friends of mine and my boss recommended Roots, an organic restaurant in town that boasts their use of fresh “farm-to-table” ingredients on all of their menu selections. I have yet to visit either but I plan to in the near future. As a tip, I suggest making reservations in advance for Limoncello because from what I hear the place fills up fast during certain times of the day.

I also hear that Iron Hill, located on Gay and High Street, is an upscale restaurant by West Chester standards and they have remarkable customer service. A new place that just opened a few weeks ago,

The Couch Tomato, is also an organic restaurant with an affordable menu. I can hardly wait to get a bite from all of these places.

The summer is approaching and the end of the semester is officially here, so there’s no reason to miss out on dining off-campus. The options on-campus for students taking summer classes will be minimal to none, so this time of year is the perfect opportunity for grubbing in town.

Make sure to Google promo codes and check out sites such as Grub Hub for local coupons at most of the restaurants in town, and never be shy to let establishments know your affiliation with the university. The businesses in town love members of West Chester University.

Shawn Trawick is a fouth year student majoring in communications and political science. He can be reached at

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