Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

This past weekend, the West Chester University Dance Company performed their annual spring concert. This year, it was titled United Diverse Creations and featured work from both falcuty and student choreographers.

All semester long, the University Dance Company has worked hard and had many rehearsals in order to showcase their love for dance and put on this amazing performance. United Diverse Creations had everything from tap, to jazz, to contempory and there was even some acting here and there. There was a solo, a few duos and many group numbers. The University Dance Company certainly did not dissappoint!

The concert had some really powerful and inspiring pieces. Many of these piece brought people to tears. There were also some light and fun pieces as well that involved the audience and got a great response.

At intermission, the dancers surprised everyone by performing a flashmob throughout the entire auditorium. This really made the audience feel like they were involved in the show. Some people even got up and began to dance along with the company! The flashmob kept the mood upbeat and got everyone excited for the second half of the concert.

It was a really remarkable show. The performers were all great, but the audience made it even more incredible.

I applaud these talented artists for all of their hardwork that they do to bring their love and appreciation for dance to our campus. I also want to thank all of those who attened the shows, the University Dance Company loves to dance for all of you and appreciates your support. If you missed this show, you surely missed out on some moving and amazing performances.

Next year, be sure to look at for information about the Dance Company’s concerts. Tickets are not overly expensive, and it is certainly well-worth it to attend. You can support your fellow students, see an interesting show, and be entertained for an evening. Some professors even encourage their students to attend!

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