Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Last Wednesday, West Chester University and Who’s Who Among Students recognized 60 of our undergraduate and graduate students. The awards program and reception, held in the theater and Ballrooms of Sykes Student Union, was hosted by our rather new Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Hinkle.

With refreshments, a live musical performance from the High Street Harmonix, and remarks from the Deans of most of our university’s academic colleges, West Chester engaged in celebrating some of the most involved and academically-inclined students that attend here.

After the ceremony, there were refreshments offered in the Ballrooms, including desserts.

Of the few hundred students that were nominated to represent West Chester on the list of “Who’s Who,” only 60 were selected. All those selected exemplify outstanding scholastic ability, strong leadership qualities, service within the university and community, and overall promising success as students and beyond.

Every year, a new list is published and a new group is selected to feature with the elite college population from various colleges and universities across the nation. It is a huge honor and very prestigious to be mentioned and recognized on this list and membership lasts a lifetime.

“Who’s Who Among Students in American College and Universities” has been forming its list since 1934. Close to 3,000 institutions participate in the program by hand-picking the most qualified candidates to be placed on the list every year.

Candidates are nominated by a professor and invited to apply. That professor writes a letter of recommendation for them. Afterwards, candidates complete the application form on OrgSync, which asks them to fill out their extra-curricular activities and their volunteer experience.

Students who are selected to appear on the list are then asked to submit a resume and photo for the book, which is available for purchase.

To all those that received the Who’s Who Award, congratulations and take this time to pat yourself on the back. There are numerous opportunities to be recognized as student leaders at West Chester University, and as a community we encourage all to embrace each one.

Congrats again to this year’s class of Who’s Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities. Be proud.

Shawn Trawick is a student majoring in communications and political science. He can be reached at

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