Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

West Chester University and the Borough of West Chester partnership. West Chester is now a member of the World Health Organizations Consortium of Age Friendly Cities and Communities. The Borough of West Chester, which has recently been designated a World Health Organization (WHO) Age Friendly Community. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Network of Agefriendly cities and communities is a Consortium of cities and communities worldwide that are striving to better meet the needs of their older residents. The aim of this international project is to create a global exchange on how to create senior friendly cities and communities through the creation of physical and social environments that promote healthy and active aging for older adults. The Borough of West Chester joins 24 other cities and towns in the United States that have been designated as “Age Friendly” communities.


For the next three years, Professor Tahmaseb McConatha, West Chester undergraduate and graduate students, the Mayor of West Chester, the Borough Council, and residents of West Chester will collaborate with faculty and students of West Chester University to explore and promote the “Agefriendly” components of the West Chester community.


Under the supervision of Dr. Tahmaseb-McConatha WCU students will conduct interviews with older adults in the Borough, with West Chester officials and representatives of the business community.  In addition, Dr. Tahmaseb-McConatha and Mr. Tim Spellman, a filmmaker will produce a feature length documentary, featuring the stories of elders living in West Chester, PA. Please contribute to this important project helping us tell the life histories of our local elders. More detailed information can be found on the project at:

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