Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

The High Street Harmonix, WCU’s all-male a capella group, took another road trip this fall break and crossed the border. They showed that not only do they rock in West Chester but they can go anywhere and show people the magic of a cappella music.

On Oct. 3, High Street crossed over into Delaware and found themselves at the University of Delaware to reunite with the Deltones and meet new groups with great talent. Another University of Delaware group showed up, Vocal Point, and the third group came up from Maryland, Faux Paz. Together, these three groups, plus the High Street Harmonix, preformed to commemorate the Deltones’ release of their new CD.

The gentlemen featured two of their very popular arrangements. The first was “Halo/Heaven” featuring Malik Muhammad and Kyle Maclamore and the second being “Can’t Hold the Applause” featuring Jacob Billings.

These guys found a way to take these familiar songs and make them better than ever before. This was a new environment for the group, putting them in an open space with microphones was something the guys had not practiced before their warm-up the night of the concert. Despite all of those factors, the men got on stage and represented West Chester, Pennsylvania, and all of a cappella very well.

Keep your eyes open as the semester continues for all of the performances that the group will be doing. Nothing is planned yet, but there is always the chance that Sykes will get a lunchtime visit from the group. They might even have their new music ready to go by then!

Mike Roman is a third-year student majoring in music education.  He can be reached at

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