Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Remember way back to when you were really little, and it was raining outside. Praying to the heavens that they could distract you long enough, your parents broke out the finger paints and the crayons. You could paint anything; the world was your canvas!

As we got older though, the opportunities for just having fun with art became fewer and fewer. Even those really interested in art, regardless of their artistic inclination, were lucky if they could do more than just doodle absent-mindedly on the edge of their class notes.

And as much as I wish that I could just fill my class schedule with art classes, that is simply not in the cards.

BUT THERE IS HOPE! Art Club has pulled itself up its bootstraps and is looking to be an active part of campus life here at West Chester University!

For all of those people who wish that they could take art classes but cannot find the time, to those people who actually do take art classes and for those people who just love art (completely regardless of how your attempts turn out), Art Club is calling your name!

The club’s goal is to allow students to explore their artistic side and express themselves through this creative outlet. Learning, crafting, drawing, and painting will all become a regular part of your life through this organization. The club is aiming to allow students to experiment with different mediums of art, as well as learn about different art periods and styles!

As a more relaxed club, it is purely interest driven. Essentially, that means you do not have to be enrolled in certain classes to be in this club.  We also do not take attendance at meetings. Rather, the club is looking to bring together people who all share the same roaring passion for art!

Art is a part of all of us. My favorite childhood memories still revolve around those moments when my parents pulled out the finger painting kit.  They were just hoping against hope that it would keep me preoccupied just long enough so that I wouldn’t disrupt their attempts at making dinner.

Art is a part of all of us, in one way or another. It connects people, and it ties us to our favorite memories or specific emotions. Through Art Club, art can be a part of your life again. For more information regarding Art Club, please add the club on OrgSync or contact me at CM806505@wcupa.edu.

Casey Mullholland is a second-year student majoring in English and psychology. She can be reached at CM806505@wcupa.edu.

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