Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

There seems to be an unlimited amount of things to do on Gay Street. Whatever you happen to be in the mood for – a burger, Indian food, a juicy steak, or perhaps some sea food – chances are there’s a place on Gay Street that can satisfy your hunger.  Often, this plethora of options actually leads to some great places going unnoticed. One of those places is a small little place called, The Med.

My mother and aunt visited me about a week ago, and the first activity on the to-do list was finding a good place to eat. My aunt had never been out to eat in West Chester, and wanted to see all the stores and restaurants. There were the usual suspects – Limoncellos, Iron Hill Brewery, Landmark, etc. but we all wanted something different.

I knew there had to be something else on the streets, so we went exploring. Upon walking down the street, we stumbled upon a place called The Med.

Located at 150 W. Gay Street, The Med, also called The Mediterranean, serves just what it says – Greek and Mediterranean food. We had never tried it before, so we went for it. It was the best decision we made all day.

There is a wide variety of food at The Med, from goat cheese with mixed greens, to lamb, falafel, and much more. The Med has a very wide variety of interesting and different food that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in West Chester.

The service is quick and fast; we were seated right away and given water and bread. The food is so delicious that, in spite of their extensive menu of different drinks, the best bet would be water, so as not to interfere with the many different tastes the dishes offer.

The food is light and delicious as well. You won’t leave The Med feeling bloated or too full – everything is seasoned lightly with sesame, olive, and many other oils.

The inside of The Med is also delightful. It is very comfortable, with soft mood lighting, and modest table and chairs. The restaurant, while not very wide out front, stretches far back so it can seat many people. The place also has outdoor seating, with a nice view and large sidewalk, so nothing ever feels squeezed in or too tight.

The Med is relatively cheap as well. The average prices of the menu items are only around $10-$20. Lunch for three people, outside, with coffee only came to around $40-$50. This is also a plus because not only is it healthy and light food, but cheap too, for when you are getting tired of Lawrence.

The Med has only one downfall, and that is that it has next to no advertising. There is no official website, however a large posting on Yelp! that has many people raving over it. The Med can really thrive in West Chester, not only for residents but students as well, if everyone can try to get the word out about this restaurant.

The Med, while not very special from the outside, will be sure to surprise you once you get inside.

Alex Libutti is a second-year student majoring in communications with a minor in journalism.  He can be reached at

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