Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Warm summer days, cool summer nights, not a care in the world, and perfectly acceptable to wake up at 2:00 in the afternoon; those days are over.

School is back, and with it comes a laundry list of responsibilities: worrying about time management, worrying about enough sleep, worrying about your social life, worrying…. well, you get the idea.

Even though school can be tough at times, attitude determines altitude, as well as your ability to put things on the backburner when you need to. Teachers are going to assign a lot of work, especially in the higher-level classes. The incoming freshmen will also experience a greater influx of work than what they were accustomed to in high school.

It can be overwhelmig, but you can do it, and there’s a lot you can do to make your life a whole lot easier.

Make a planner – or better yet, buy one at the bookstore. They come sold separately, or in a special “Grab bag” bundle, for only $20.70. Creating a planner or to-do list can help sort things out for you, and keep you from getting overwhelmed, or forgetting assignments.  It is an important tool to staying organized in college.  Now that the semseter has started, you can take your syllabus and write all of your assignment due dates in your planner.  You can also write extra-curricular responsibilities into your planner so you don’t forget them. 

If a phyiscal planner is not for you, there are also plenty of time managment apps you can use.

Don’t forget to breathe! Relaxing is key in life, and while it is important to get your work done, too much work can burn you out and you will end up doing more harm than good. Never feel like you don’t deserve a break from all the homework; kick back, listen to some music, watch some television, or call your mom and tell her how much you miss her. 

Get sweating! The rec center is open to all students, free of charge, so why not take advantage? Many of the affilaited dorms, as well as the Village Clubhouse on South Campus, also have gyms for their residents. Besides creating a better physique, working out releases endorphins, which are proven to relax and give you a euphoric work out “high.” Going on a long run can help clear your mind and help you focus more once you get back to work.

Start early! When you get an assignment for something mentioned by a teacher, don’t hesitate! It’s never too early to start, and getting a early jump on projects and assignments give you time to talk to a teacher in case you are having trouble, and also gives you ample time to be able to space out your work – instead of cramming it all in and stressing yourself to the max.

Change your attitude! As previously stated, attitude determines altitude. Going into a Spanish study session with an attitude that you will never be able to memorize the entire vocababulary will result in just that. Believe in yourself, and you will be surprised what you can accomplish. After all, you got this far didn’t you?

Turn your phone off, or at least silence it. – I love my iPhone just as much as anyone else, but there is a time and place where the iPhone needs to sit the bench. 

Almost every student on campus owns a Smartphone, and while they can be useful for academics, more often than not they are used for the opposite. If you find yourself checking Instagram every five minutes to see if your crush liked a photo, while you have your Writing-200 essay on your laptop with only three words typed, it’s time to put the phone down.  Then you will get things done faster anyway.

It also helps to turn your cell phone off when you are in class.  If you find yourself constantly checking your phone in class, you are likely not paying attention to the professor’s lecture.  This will make your homework and essay assignemnts much more difficult.  Assignments will take less time and be easier to complete if you have focused in class.

School is no easy task – not one single student on this campus or any campus in the world got where they are because they slacked off. School sometimes forces you to stop playing around and go into work mode. But do not let the workload intimidate you. By following all these tips and trying your hardest, you will do extraordinary things.

Alex Libutti is a second-year student majoring in communications with a minor in journalism.  He can be reached at

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