Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Yesterday, April 5th, was accepted students day here at West Chester University.  As I walked into Sykes and heard the music playing, high school students walking around, surveying their new potential home, I could not help but feel nostalgic.

More than just a little often, my friends and I talk just how long it has been since we came here to university.  For myself, it has been three great and wonderful years.  I am somewhat sad that I only have one year left before I walk into the cruel, cold hard world. Truth be told, I am jealous of the incoming class.  They have four years of college ahead of them when I only have one left.

When I first met my friends here at West Chester my freshmen year, we all swapped stories about high school and compared our high school accomplishments with each other.  Now, with the same group we reminisce on times we have spent together.  The good times, and the bad times, they all find their way into our conversations, and laughter is sure to follow.

West Chester has offered me so much in the way of opportunity and friendship. I still remember showing up for cross county preseason my freshmen year.  I was in a new world with new people.  High school was still fresh in my mind, and like everyone else in my freshmen class, we were totally unprepared for college.  True, nothing is ever all great and wonderful and I have had my fair share of unpleasant times here at the university, but the negativity pales in comparison to everything else that has happened.

My advice for the freshmen class coming in is this; savor these four years.  They’ll be the best you will ever have. Now, its your turn to build memories to last a lifetime.

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