Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

The positive psychology senior seminar put together a wonderful event to raise money for an organization called For Pete’s Sake. For Pete’s Sake is well known for its commitment to helping families affected by cancer to “take a break from cancer” ( They raise money to send families on week-long, all-inclusive and free vacations. On these vacations, families can stop worrying about money, treatments, doctors appointments, and all that cancer entails They are encouraged to make happy memories to hold on to forever.

The class was given the opportunity to pick a charity event to do on campus, and everyone in the class went wild with ideas for the project. The goal in mind was $1,000 for the organization. With the help of a motivational professor, Mr. Steven Uhlenbrock, AKA Mr. U, these 20 creative and inspired students pulled together all of their talents and resources to put together and incredible event for kids, adults and college students at Alibi’s Café.

There was great food, an open bar for of age guests, raffles, 50/50, silent auction items, games and a photo booth. “ I am [so] very proud of all [my students] for the effort [they] put into this event. You brought tears to my eyes several times today,” said Mr. U in his closing remarks. So many were touched by the stories of individuals posted around the event on posters about their experiences and even wanted to reach out to the organization to find out more as cancer effects so many people. With admission to the event, a total of $900 was raised and by the end of the event, the total amount raised was $2769.00 for For Pete’s Sake.

Ilana Berger is a fourth-year student majoring in psychology. She can be reached at

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