Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

 The Phillies won last Wednesday 7 – 1 against the Florida Marlins. I sat at the game with friends and editors of The Quad. We were happy to return to West Chester University with the win, a good night in Philadelphia.

 “Of course you are going with the university,” my friend said to me before I left for the game. “You go everywhere with the university.”

She’s right. That night, students went to Citizens Bank Park on a bus provided by SAC. The tickets were extremely reasonably priced, especially since it included free transportation, parking, $10 food voucher, and we were in time to receive the free t-shirt on opening night.

A month ago I returned from London on a spring break trip, also with the university. “Seize the opportunity,” Charlie Warner said to me and to the group of student leaders on our trip. That’s exactly what I did.

I realized the truth in what my friend said to me. Most of my traveling during college has been with organizations I’m involved in or when another organization presents the opportunity. WCU normally provides activities for students to partake in and I grab the chance to do so.

I consider the night at the Phillies game more than a night out to watch the ball game. I felt like students were rewarding themselves after their hard work, with a study break for a trip to the city of brotherly love. The Quad editors were out of the office. We traveled together, not just as co-workers on an outing; we traveled as a group of friends. That’s how I would like to remember that night.           

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