Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, complained to President Obama about U.S. assault weapons fueling the drug war in Mexico. Rather than point out the fact that the issue of U.S. guns in Mexico is largely a myth or say something like “how about you get your country’s act together so that we don’t have millions of your people, including violent drug thugs, illegally crossing into our country,” he said that stopping gun-smuggling from the US to Mexico was “a difficult task, but it’s one that we have taken very seriously and taken some unprecedented steps.” Yes, the Obama administration has taken some “unprecedented” steps alright. Does the incredibly stupid “Operation Fast and Furious” plot ring a bell? If American law enforcement officers were not murdered with assault rifles that the Obama administration purposefully allowed violent criminals to purchase in the U.S. and take to Mexico to carry out their evil deeds (all with the supposed goal of reducing the flow of American guns to Mexico), this would be funny. But it’s not. Now turn the other cheek Obama because I’m sure Calderon would love to bash the United States some more since you don’t stick up for us. Heck, you and the Democrats even applauded Calderon after he insulted an American state’s law when he was speaking to a joint session of Congress (a foreign leader on U.S. soil).

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