Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Whether a freshman, transfer, or returning student, West Chester University has a lot to offer this year for it’s students.Dr. Madeleine Wing Adler, President of West Chester University, has planned for some exciting events this year. Magician and illusionist Mike Super will be on campus this Friday, and the Contemporary Dance Company will pay visit later this fall.

On the academic side, Dr. Adler offers advice to freshmen as well as upper classmen. Some of the advice she offers are: anticipate a lot of reading, if possible get ahead in your classes and be sure to participate during class. “Preparation and participation contribute to your grades,” Dr. Adler said. She also recommends sitting in the front of the classroom so that your mind doesn’t wander as much.

For under and upperclassmen, time management can become an issue, especially since there is little “free time.” Classes are held from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and can vary in length from 50 minutes to three hours. Dr. Adler proposes that for every hour in the classroom, a student should spend two or three hours studying outside the classroom.

If you are having trouble in a particular subject, Dr. Adler would advise to take a visit to the LARK Center in Lawrence. “LARK is there to help you,” she says. They do a variety of work, including encouraging study habits and time management.

Time management and stress management are major issues among college students. That’s why WCU provides stress buster activities throughout the semester to help students unwind. “Find a quiet place, if you need music bring your iPod,” Dr. Adler said lightly.

Academics aren’t the only activities offered at this school; West Chester University has over 200 student organizations. Dr Adler encourages students to join organizations saying, “Studies show that students who do co-curricular activities will do better in school compared to those who don’t.”

What if you don’t know how to get involved? Her advice would be to ask an upper classman. Ask a resident assistant, check the bulletin boards or ask a friend. People in your classes are always a great way to find out about organizations as well. If they are in your major classes, it’s very likely they’re in organizations that you might find interesting. Professors also know about many organizations don’t hesitate to ask.

WCU is a school that isn’t too big but isn’t too small. It’s just close enough to home and the memories you’ll make here will be with you forever. In the words of Dr. Adler, “There’s something for everyone,” and this seems to be the case.

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