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As Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches, many students are left wondering about what their plans will be for this traditional day of romance; others wonder why the day was created.Some trace Valentine’s Day to an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia. Others link it with an old English belief that birds choose their mates on February 14.

Many stories say that St. Valentine was executed on February 14 about 269 A.D. In 496 A.D., Saint Pope Gelasius I named February 14 as St.

Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day probably came from a combination of all these sources- plus the fact that it is a day for lovers.

All of these may be true, but Valentine’s Day is just special; it makes you feel good about yourself and the person you are with. There are many original things that one can do for this special day.

So you’re in the early stages of a relationship, and suddenly Valentine’s Day is here. You don’t have a lot of money to spend, so keep it simple. Even if you personally do not wish to make this day anything out of the ordinary, chances are that the special someone in your life might be expecting a little something different on Saturday.

If the idea of planning out the perfect date leaves you a little hesitant, fear not. Provided are a list of excursions that will not only impress, but, with some luck, will put your partner in the mood for romance. If you are living in the residence halls, order some unique takeout or even create a themed dinner. You will save money on the beverages and the tip so costs will still be kept down. Decorate to complement the cuisine and you’ve got yourself a perfect night.

If you have been in a relationship for quite a while but are a little short on cash, don’t worry. This same formula of cooking dinner or ordering takeout will work for you. Just add some more romantic touches such as playing a mixed CD of your favorite love songs or giving each other body massages. These gestures willappear highly romantic and well thought-out. You could even make a packet of I.O.U. cards with tasks that can be redeemed at a later date.

Now if you’re only in the beginning stages of a relationship, and willing to spend some money, you have some other options. Dress up in your best ensembles, and take your date to an elegant restaurant for a night of good food and fun. Two good choices are The Chadds Ford Inn or The Seven Stars. Just make sure to get reservations.

Here are the top dates for those of you in long-term relationships and with money to spare. Book a hotel room in the city and spend some quality time visiting your favorite places. Philadelphia is running a special at selected hotels where you can book one night and stay the second for free. Check for details.

If the city is not your ideal spot, try booking a hotel at the beach. Prices are very low at this time of year and many of the restaurants, clubs and shops are still open. A good idea for dinner in Ocean City, Maryland is Harrison’s Harbor Watch. Here you can enjoy elegant cuisine as you watch the inlet from their panoramic dining area. There are also a wide variety of Bed & Breakfasts around the West Chester/Philadelphia area.

If you are thinking of what else you could do for Valentine’s Day, think of what your partner might enjoy. Maybe he/she is not into the hotel or dinner and a movie, but maybe your valentine would love a concert or a comedy show. A good comedy spot would be the LaffHouse on South Street in Philadelphia. One could also spend the day in the house and have a candlelight dinner with flowers.

New gifts to get your valentine could include a memory photo album from your first date through your most recent dates. A book of love poems, which can be inexpensive, makes a great gift. The traditional gifts would be candy, flowers, teddy bears and cards. Jewelry is the #1 gift for Valentine’s Day, especially diamonds.

If you are single, don’t be blue. There are plenty of places to meet someone in need of a valentine. Just grab a couple of friends for a night out on the town and you’re sure to find someone looking for a little love. Some prime places to go out to have fun if you are single include Flyers or Wings games with friends. Both teams play on Valentine’s Day at the Wachovia Center, and tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

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