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EVENT: A physicist presents new theory, signs his book and discusses the main points at theChester County Books & Music Company
975 Paoli Pike, West Goshen Center, West Chester, PA 19380

DATE & TIME: Sunday afternoon, June 12, 2005 at 1:00PM

CONTACT at Chester Co. Books: (610)696-1661
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Five Main Points

An emission theory, coined by the physicist Dr. Edward Herny Dowdye, Jr., as the Extinction Shift Principle, demonstrates for the very first time solutions to both electromagnetism and gravitation, all accomplished in an intuitively understood and simpler geometry performed under Galilean transformations of Velocities. The solutions to the same problems responsible for the success and fame of Relativity clearly demonstrates that Einstein,s Relativity is not necessary.

The Galilean transformations of Velocities is the frame work of the new theory. From Einstein’s very own words: “Wenn die Lichtgeschwindigkeit auch nur ein biáchen von der Geschwindigkeit der Lichtquelle abh„ngig ist, dann ist meine ganze Relativit„tstheorie und Gravitationstheorie falsch.” {August 1913} “If the velocity of light is only a tiny bit dependent on the velocity of the source, then my whole theory of Relativity and Gravitation is false.”

There is much observational and experimental evidence for the correctness of Extinction Shift Principle which suggests that the velocity of light is indeed dependent on the velocity of the source. This is counter to Relativity. Recently discovered Astrophysical Phenomenon agrees with the predictions of the Extinction Shift Principle appears to counter the predictions of General Relativity.

The Extinction Shift Principle correctly predicts the outcome of the past century of experiments designed to test the velocity-of-light theory! This alternative to Relativity is far simpler and is much more intuitive than Relativity, thereby, lending credence to the its correctness. A supporting reason for this statement follows from a famous philosopher, William Ockham (1285-1349), in his saying widely known as Ockham’s Razor: “Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity!”, which means that the simplest theory that explains all the facts is the one that is most probably true.

The theory has been reviewed by professors of Physics and Mathematics of varius universities of renown, both here and abroad and has reviews by experienced researchers in the physical sciences.


Arthor/Physicist: Dr. Edward Henry Dowdye, Jr.
Day phone 301-286-2650
Mobile phone 202-294-2664

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