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New students had the opportunity to learn about campus organizations and interact with student leaders on August 30 in Sykes Ballroom B. An ice cream social was part of WCU’s “Weeks of Welcome,” which encourages first-year students and transfer students to join organizations and become involved on campus.

Amy J. Rae, the Vice President of Student Government Association, said the point of “Weeks of Welcome” was to “make the transition easier for new students.” She added that student involvement is “an essential part of the college experience.”

During the ice cream social, students had the opportunity to douse chocolate or vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, peanuts, and other toppings, while listening to various student leaders promote clubs on campus.

Matthew Bricketto, the Vice President of Student Affairs and host of the event, kicked off the social by welcoming new students and encouraging them to become involved on campus.

After Bricketto’s introduction, representatives from the English Club, LGBTA, the WCU-TV station, Student Government Association, the Honor Students Association and several other campus organizations informed students when and where their clubs meet.

Though some students heard about the social from word of mouth, several of the attendees received an invitation in their mailboxes from Bricketto because they expressed an interest in student government and student leadership at orientation.

Representatives from various organizations found the ice cream social to be informative and successful. “The social gave [new students] ice cream…and it allowed them to meet and mingle with different leaders of organizations,” said Amanda Johnson, President of WCU’s English Club.

Overall, several studentleaders are already seeing more involvement around campus because of “Weeks of Welcome” and the social events geared towards new students.

“I have seen the transition of new students coming to socialevents and then getting involved,” said Brad Williams, President of Student Government Association.

Williams went on to say that there was a major increase from previous years of first-year students in attendance at the opening football game, which was on Friday, Aug. 26. The opening football game was part of “Weeks of Welcome,” and it featured free food and prizes.

New students also had a positive response to “Weeks of Welcome” and the ice cream social. “I learned what’s available for students, and I think that’s a good thing,” said first-year student Julia Haywood.

WCU’s “Weeks of Welcome” featured several events the first days of fall semester, including informational forums, bus trips to local malls and movies on campus.

“Weeks of Welcome” concludes Sunday, Sept. 11 with a bus trip to the Phillies vs. Marlin’s game. If interested, students can purchase tickets for the trip at the SSI window in Sykes Student Union.

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