Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

Do you have the unsettling feeling that there will be nothing on your resume when you graduate? With fall semester under way, it is the perfect time to start getting more involved with one or many of the organizations that are around campus. West Chester has a group for almost every interest so there are few excuses for those who remain uninvolved.If lack of information is a problem, the organizational fair is the perfect opportunity to learn more about campus clubs and organizations. There will be plenty of displays and members on hand for this event. Students are encouraged to ask questions and obtain specific information about each organization that interests them. Some examples of groups that usually participate are: Greek organizations, associations for several academic majors, intramural sports representatives and political activists on campus. This year’s Student Involvement Fair will be held on Wed. Sept 7 from 10am-4pm at Hollinger Field. The rain date for the event is Sept. 8. The Annual Volunteer Fair will be held on Wed. Sept. 14 from 11am-2pm in Sykes Ballrooms. Both fairs offer an ideal way to learn more about campus activities while also enjoying some great food and friendly interaction with other students.Fellow students can be a great source of information when it comes to getting more involved.

Try to find people who share some of your interests and ask them what groups they are part of. These interests could include activities such as sports, theatre, academics or social interactions.

Students who share the same major are also great sources of information. Certain majors have specific organizations that help with job hunting, networking or other career building skills.

People are usually very willing to share their stories about their involvement in organizations on campus. This way you can ask about the pros and cons of an organization from someone who knows information first-hand.

Academic advisors are also rather useful when it comes to becoming more active in campus life. Many professors are aware of the clubs or associations that are contained within a specific major. These advisors can provide contact information and details about these academic groups.

If volunteering holds a stronger appeal then consider attending the volunteer fair. This is another way that the University encourages students to get more involved in the community.

Many organizations from around the borough and on campus will be promoting volunteer opportunities that students can participate in. There is a wide range of volunteer groups that would be more then happy to have more students join in on their activities.

Many of these organizations do not require regular attendance at meetings or activities so it is easy to find time to participate.

Finally keep watch for postings about upcoming meetings and functions. Many groups create flyers to promote their events, and these are placed all over the university. If attending an event alone is too intimidating, find some friends to bring along.

Even if the organization is not exactly what you are looking for, this is still an interesting way to meet new people and learn what is going on around WCU.

There are countless benefits to getting more involved during the college years. Any extra effort that is put forth can be included in a future resume. It is very impressive to see high levels of involvement in one or several organizations around campus.

This is especially true if these groups pertain to a certain career or major. There are leadership opportunities available within these groups and these experiences can help a member prepare for future jobs. Employers are aware of this fact, and they may show preference towards someone who was more actively involved in college. Senior Communications Studies studentKevin O’Brien says, “Involvement will promote networking.

The more bridges one can build, the more destinations they will have from which to choose.”

Friendships are often formed within campus clubs and associations as well. There will be experiences throughout the year that will only be shared with those within a certain club. These memories will unite the members for years to come and help form friendships that could last much longer. Nick Mascione, a graduate of WCU and former member of Phi Epilson Kappa (WCU’s honors fraternity for Kineseoloy majors) says, “My experiences at West Chester were definitely better because of my involvement in campus activities. Some of the people that I had in my fraternity remain good friends even after I have graduated. I had plenty of good times as a result of my involvement with that organization.”

Since the semester is just getting started, now is the best time to get involved with campus life. It may seem intimidating at first, but the benefits of these connections far outweigh any initial doubts. Everyone is an outsider at first, but with a little effort anyone can find a perfect group that fits their needs.

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