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THG (tetrahydrogestrinone) is the new “steroid” that is being questioned by the FDA and sports leagues, such as the MLB, NFL, NBA, and Track and Field. What is it though?According to Steroid World, it “was created by modifying two other known steroids, trenbolone and gestrinone. Trenbolone has become one of the most popular steroids on the black market over the last couple years. Gestrinone is used for treating endometriosis.”

This steroid is getting so much hype because it is undetectable in steroid tests. Another problem with this drug is that it is more toxic than either trenbolone or gestrinone, particularly to the liver.

ESPN gave a list of athletes who have recently tested positive for THG and other possible steroids. They are as follows:

“The U.S. Olympic Committee said that Melissa Price, who won her first national title in June [of 2003] with a personal-best hammer throw of 230 feet, 9 inches, tested positive for the newly discovered steroid THG during those 2003 U.S. Championships and in an out-of-competition test.

“The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) announced that Terrmel Sledge, who is on the Expos’ 40-man roster, has become the second player on a major league roster to test positive for steroids and has been banned from international competition for two years. “The USADA also said that it has confirmed sprinter Mickey Grimes’ positive drug test for the stimulant ephedrine at last summer’s Pan American Games. Grimes, 27, of Hawthorne, Calif., was disqualified from the Pan Am Games, forfeiting his gold medal in the 100 meters there and forcing the U.S. 400-meter relay team to lose its gold medal

“Three other athletes tested positive for THG at the U.S. Championships: middle-distance runner Regina Jacobs, hammer thrower John McEwen and shot putter Kevin Toth.

“European 100-meter champion sprinter Dwain Chambers tested positive twice last year for THG and faces a two-year ban.”

Interestingly enough, an anonymous track and field coach was the one who tipped off the US Anti-Doping Agency about multiple athletes using tetrahydrogestrinone. To provide evidence, the coach then sent a syringe containing THG and stated that his source was from Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO Labs), a nutritional company located in California.

For now, more testing is being done on the drug test. The FDA has recommended that consumers be aware, since it “may pose considerable risks to health.

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