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Courtney Hargrove is a marketing major with a minor in Communication Studies. She has future career plans of marketing for record label or a promotion company. Hargrove has been a member of WCUR since her freshman year in December 2006. She always knew she would get involved with the radio station when she first came to this school.

Hargrove has always had her own show on WCUR, entitled Music for Music’s Sake, in which she plays rock and indie music.

“Not to be ironic or clever, I just like playing music,” she said.

Hargrove has always been around music tracing back to her childhood.

Growing up in Baltimore, MD her parents always surrounded her by music whether it was the 80s R&B music her mom played or the band Yes her dad was a big fan of.

She was always interested in music and has played in various bands since she was 12 years old.

Her music background definitely has an effect on the music she plays on her show.

The DJ states that she doesn’t have a specific favorite genre of music because she is so well rounded in all genres.

When asked who her favorite artist was and she said, “Right now (while looking at her iPod) Def Tones which is Rock Indie.”

The music Hargrove listens to influences her mood. When she is feeling blue she listens to George Clinton.

Hargrove said one of the advantages of being a member of WCUR and working as the music director is to make connections for future career goals.

This past summer she had an internship at a company in New York called Advanced Alternative Media.

During her internship she had a chance to meet a member of the Alman Brothers Band and played his guitar.

Hargrove also got a chance to meet Troy from Phish. Being a member of WCUR can increase your chances of gaining experience in the field can give great networking opportunities.

Florence Hunt-Herrington is a third year student majoring in communication studies. She can be reached at FH660356@wcupa.edu.

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