Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Caesars is a musical group to which you have shaken your hips to, but probably unknowingly. This vintage-dance-rock quintet was born in Sweden and have been a band for quite some time, but only became recognized in Ameruca as Apple introduced their iPod shuffle, which the bandʼs first U.S. single “Jerk it Out” debuted on. That song, plus many more musical gems can be found on their latest album, 39 Minutes of Bliss (in an otherwise meaningless world). Though this album came out in April of 2003, Caesars were caught completely unaware as Apple was the first to discover their overly-catchy and hip tune which was then used for their commercial. Ever since, the music video for “Jerk It Out” has been seen on MTV and MTV2 in moderate rotation and is also catching airplay on radio stations and malls all across the United States. “39 Minutes…” has much more to offer than just “Jerk It Out.” The boys of Caesars are quite talented, once you get to listen to them. With band comparisons to Franz Ferdinand, the Killers, The Hives and all the way to Oasis, Caesars definitely offers something unique and fresh for any kind of music lover. The songs on this album are recorded in a grungy, rough style as opposed to clean cut and precise, which gives it a vintage flare that Caesars is definitely trying to pull off. This album is especially unique in the fact that though the Caesars are a present-day music group, you can tell their oldschool roots (British punk, 80ʼs new wave and 90ʼs grunge) do not leave them for one moment. They combine every musical passion together and create something extremely different. I really enjoy this album because every song sounds like a different decade. With such an intense mixture of sound and flare, anyone can enjoy this album. It has its moments where itʼs slow and others where it brings the dancer in us all out to play. This album deserves 4 out of 5 stars, hands down. Something so different is quite refreshing and hopefully, when the iPod shuffle becomes a thing of the past, Caesar ʼs will not. They are definitely worth checking out. I highly recommend this album for the music lover with a very open mind and a wide variety of musical taste, itʼs sure to please! So go ahead and pick up 39 Minutes… for yourself and give it your own review.

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