Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

As the end of the semester is approaching fast, we all have one thing in mind: summer is coming. And do not worry, you are not alone in wondering what the new summer fashions are going to be. I have some great tips. After doing extensive research through interviews, I have found that gold and silver are the new black. Megan Ward explains, “I can wear gold with anything and it looks amazing!” Gold gives off a shimmer that black will never be able to reveal. Adding silver gives off a remarkable glow. Gold and silver are the colors of this summer and, in a way, colors of the century. These colors relate to society on more that just a fashionable level. They are futuristic and powerful, which is what society promotes us to be in order to keep up with modern times.Not only are gold and silver the hottest colors to wear this summer, but I also have great news about shoes. Although women come in different shapes and sizes, they can agree on one thing: fashionable shoes that are comfortable. Behold, I have great news. This summer, short heels are the new fad. Keisha Miller explains, “I see short heels all the time in magazines and at the mall, and they look so good!” No matter the style, short heels are the thing to own.

They are comfortable, fashionable, and in style. Who couldask for more? Although the silver and gold and short heels are the things to wear this summer, I want you to remember one thing – do not be afraid to stand out and be a trendsetter yourself. As long as you know how to accessorize and you look good in what you have on, you have nothing to worry about. If you are confident in what you have on, others will be confident in you too.

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