Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Are you ready for summer? I know, I am. I am sure everyone already has plans for vacations and places they want to visit, but just in case you are not the type who plans ahead or you are new to the area…let me give you a few suggestions for vacations, day trips and some fun things to do. We are very lucky to be located not far from Delaware, New Jersey or Maryland. All of these places have fun beaches and towns. If you are heading to Ocean City, MD, check out Secrets. It is a fun restaurant/bar and they serve you on the water. At the same time that you are having fun you are getting a tan. New Jersey has many things to offer in all their towns. If you are heading down to OC, N.J. check out the boardwalk. Heading to Avalon? Go to the Princeton if you are of age. If not, the Rockʼn Chair is a great date place and there are some other good restaurants. Stone Harbor, N.J., is a good place for shopping. So think youʼll probably head down to the beach but arenʼt sure what to do if you just want to get away for a day? Why not try an amusement park? Hershey Park is only about an hour away. It has fantastic rides and you wonʼt ever get hungry with all the chocolate floating around. Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom, located only 45 minutes away, is another fun place to go. The rides are awesome no matter what age you are.

However, if you are sticking around West Chester for the summer, what can you do? For those of you that are 21, all of West Chesterʼs bars have summer specials.

Not 21? Go bowling, or take in one of the restaurant festivals. Walk down High Street every first Sunday of the month and if the weather is nice, there will be restaurants serving outside. So whatever you plan to do this summer, have fun and be safe.

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