Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Fox hit television show “American Idol” brings more than music, as rumors and allegations continue to develop behind the scenes. Fans today seem to be more interested in “American Idolʼs” dra- “If I were to just hand someone an unfinished CD at the end of the day it would not be satisfying to me either.” Most importantly, Szybowski is an intelligent and easy guy to work with. Though a very intricate process, he knows the ins and outs of recording and always has valuable insight on your projects. Everyone knows it is not delightful to work in an uncomfortable environment, but the familiarity and comfort of Sound Cove Music will polish your musical style like a pair of dress shoes. And if you are interested in the art of recording, this is the place for you to learn. The best way to learn how to record is to do it and with time you will pick up the right process. Located about 20 minutes out of the city in Morton, PA, the Sound Cove Music is not an excruciating trip, but even if it was it would be worth it because you would have the whole trip home to listen to your newly recorded music.

To see what Sound Cove Music has to offer for you, contact Rick Szybowski at (215) 901-8422. ma than worrying about who will become the next winner. “American Idol” remains in a rivalry with CBSʼs shows in the ratings war. The fourth season of “American Idol” has had many ups and downs with allegations of affairs, drug use and much more. Paula Abdul, who only a few months ago was being questioned on her strange and unusual behavior, came clean about being diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a chronic neurological disorder that causes severe pain. Many speculated that her behavior was due to drug use and other problems. Abdul adamantly denied those rumors.

Another Abdul allegation brewing is whether she and former season two “Idol” contestant Corey Clark had an affair during a past season of the show. Clark publicly admitted that he and Abdul had a sexual relationship with each other. Clark, who made it to the final nine contestants on season two of “American Idol,” was booted from the show due to charges of misdemeanor and assault. He is currently writing a tellall book about behind the scenes of “American Idol.”

The Smoking Gun had discovered that one of the five remaining contestants, Bo Bice, was arrested for felony cocaine possession in 2001, in Alabama. However, the biggest shock of season four goes to Mario Vazquez, who was a crowd favorite and deemed to win the competition, took himself out of the race suddenly. He went on record saying he made his decision due to “personal reasons,” but an interview with his family discovered that they didnʼt know what he could mean by that. Itʼs buzzing around that Vazquez is in talks with record companies to land a deal.

Past “Idol” drama included fan favorite “Frenchie” Davis, who posed nude on an internet porn site, Trenyce, who was busted for a felony theft charge, and Scott Savol, who plead guilty to a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct. Fox executives perform screen checks on prior history of the contestants to avoid scandals, but apparently even they canʼt catch everything.

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