Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

To the Editor:This is a response to Erin Joyce’s article about guys making better roommates than girls. I really don’t think that should be the title though. It should be entitled, “My name is Erin Joyce and here is a list of complaints that I had to go through during my college career.”

Come on now, you don’t think that everyone goes through all of this? I can list 20 more things on top of your measly little complaint list. I guess you had to get a few things off your chest. If your ex-roommates didn’t hate you then, they probably do now.

The thing you didn’t pick up during the duration of your stay here was to nip it in the butt in the beginning. That means pick the right roommate, and if you don’t, address the problems that bother you right away; you’re a big college girl now.

But in all reality, there are two things about most guys that totally contradict your article. One, read Bergner’s article. That’s right, when you said, “Most guys wouldn’t have sex if someone’s in the room.” Her knowledge would let you know that a lot of guys are dogs. The very select few like me are very hard to find.

But, all and all, girls might be catty, but guys are territorial slobs. I don
t know if you live with one now but you will eventually some day. Just be diplomatic.

Finally, a good reason for not having co-ed dorms is simply the fact to make it less easy for students paying all that money to fail just like your first roommate did. Eighteen-year-olds moving into dorms want nothing more than to be socially accepted.

With the pressures of college and social acceptance on their backs, students will find it easier to live with the same sex. I’m willing to bet that once you think before you write, you will agree with me like most people do.

Nicholas J. Hulik
WCU Student

To the Editor:

The phrases “holier than thou” and “practice what you preach” apply, so appropriately, to the scandal of child molestation by Catholic priests. It is not the fact there are some bad priests; it’s the intentional cover-up that is appalling.

As Catholics, we are taught by the church to have the utmost respect for the sanctity of the priesthood. We confess our sins to the priest. They absolve us of our sins. They are God’s representatives on Earth. They preach right over wrong and follow the Ten Commandments. Yet, when they were faced with evil, their initial reaction was to cover it up, instead of being righteous and confronting it.

They relocated the perpetrators to different parishes without disclosing their alleged crimes, therefore, exposing more children to these devious acts. They were more concerned with their reputation than the innocent children.

The Catholic Church speaks out against abortion because they believe it takes a life. However, they were aware that some of their priests were destroying thousands of innocent lives and they never took action.

Now, through lawsuits, they owe millions to their victims. As members of the Church, we were led to beieve our contributions were used for good, not to pay for the sins of the priests.

I feel the Church deserves to be punished and we should not help contribute to paying off their debts. If the Catholic Church, with the Holy Father as its leader, won’t stop evil when it can, who will?

Stephanie DePaoli
WCU Student

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