Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Have you looked at your calendar lately? It may still feel like winter or chilly spring, but summer is right around the corner. No more eating those fatty foods all week and covering up the damage with layers and layers of clothing. It is time to get fit: warm weather is on its way. It is time to wear fitted tanks, low rise jeans, shorts, mini- skirts and, most importantly, bathing suits. Thatʼs right, summer is here, and you can not stop it. However, you can stop the consumption of food with high calories. Letʼs take the carbs out of our diet and include more fruits and vegetables to lose the weight and have a lean irresistible body. Wouldnʼt you like to have abs like J-Lo or a slim your shape down like Faith Evans? If you want to lose fat, you must eat. That may sound crazy, but it is the only way to get the body that you want. Your body is designed for survival, and part of its survival mechanism involves storing and holding onto body fat to be used in times of food shortages. If you make it a habit of not eating, or eating only a small amount of calories each day eventually your body will think that you are in a time of famine and begin to slow your metabolism. Your body is just trying to conserve energy because it is getting so little nourishment. “Eating is essential to losing weight you need to consume at least three meals a day. Also, working out, will help you to lose the weight but what you eat plays a major role in dieting,” says Kathleen Townsend, a dedicated member of the gym.

In your diet, you also need to have a consistent work-out plan. If you want that six-pack, you have to tone up that excess fat and work off all that food that you consumed. When you come up with a good work out plan remember not to over work your muscles. Try to keep your workouts under 75 minutes. Perform aerobic exercise 3-4 times per week.

In your dieting, increase your protein intake. Without protein your body cannot build new muscle. Protein also helps to increase your metabolism which in turn burns calories. Remember, eat and workout, do not do one without the other, or you will never receive the results that you want.

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