Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Clinical depression is triggering many college students because of the amount of the stress that most people face in school such as financial issues, academic demands and being in a new environment. Clinical depression can affect your body, mood, thoughts and behavior. It can also change your eating habits, how you feel about things, your ability to work and study, and how you react to issues with other people. People believe that they donʼt need help and that they can fight clinical depression on their own, but this is not true. Since clinical depression can not be fought by oneself, it is imperative that you seek professional help to resolve the matter. With professional mental health, 80% of people feelbetter. Symptoms of major depression are sadness, anxiety, thoughts of emptiness, fatigue, weight loss or gain, insomnia, oversleeping and in severe cases, there are even thoughts of suicide. If you see these aspects in a friend or someone close to you, it is important to talk to them and make sure that they get help before the results are fatal. It is a good idea to study your family line and traits because depression can be hereditary.

This means that family members have a tendency to develop the illness or traits of the illness. At times, people who do not have family traits of the disease are still victims. A lot of depressed people, especially teenagers and young adults, also have problems with drugs or alcohol abuse. People try these substances as an attempt to escape. In an environment such as college, these elements are essentially vital in the destruction of the college student.

This contributes to the problem by making it worse and the person to ultimately become more depressed. A clinically depressed person taking drugs or abusing alcohol could result in suicide. Most patients begin to think about suicide when they are normally not sober and unreasonable, which creates a huge problem. This endangers themselves and people around them. There are cases where people act out against those around them because of their condition. Some people are reluctant to seek help because they feel that it would be costly for them to go to an institution for treatment.

However, services at college counseling centers are often low-cost or free. The fee for city or county mental health services are often determined by the amount of money your financial resources reflect.

If you feel you or a friend are possible victims of clinical depression please seek help! For more information you can contact the National Institute of Mental Health at (866) 615-NIMH or email at, or visit the Web site at www.nimh.nih. gov.

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