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Dear Editor,Got Parking? Parking around the West Chester campus is incredibly limited and inconvenient. Limited is having only two parking garages at West Chester, one of which is on the other side of the campus. Limited is also the number of parking permits that are given out to park in the lots. Inconvenient is the distance that a student must walk to park their car, and than again to walk back. Because of all of the violence that has been happening around campus, many students feel unsafe walking back after parking. Students shouldn’t have to put themselves at risk because of the lack of closer parking. Both areas of parking require a parking permit. Many students are rarely able to obtain a permit for the lots unless it is months in advance. Sometimes students aren’t sure that far ahead of time if they need to bring their car to school, leaving them no other choice but to park in the garages. Not only is parking limited and inconvenient, but it is also very expensive. A parking permit can cost up to $150 or more. For some students, along with other school expenses, this is not affordable. Many students question why they can’t park on the sides of the streets without getting a ticket when nobody else ever parks there? My suggestion is to allow students to park alongside the roads, or come up with more places to park because it had become a huge issue to students around the campus.

Caitlin McAllister

Dear Editor,

As a young concerned woman, I am responding to an article in The Quad’s November 20th edition, entitled “What is Considered Rape.” The article discussed a new judgment being decided in Maryland that could possibly change what now is consider rape. The judges are debating if a woman ever consents to intercourse, then the man does not have to stop even if the female no longer wants to take part. In the dictionary rape is defined as forcible seizing and violation. No matter if a woman ever consents to intercourse and then changes her mind at any point in time, a man should not have the right to enter that woman’s body or continue an unwanted act. This is a violation of the woman’s personal space and forcing her to do something she in no longer comfortable taking part in. This act has the same effects on a woman as rape does; it gives her a sense of betrayal and lack of power and privacy over herself. If this judgment passes, it is going to give man even more power over women than they already have in this male-driven society. There are now constant forms available which each party taking place in the act has to sign to prove they are willing. I know your thinking, “This may kill the mood,” but it may also stop someone from doing something they may regret later. So, is forcing yourself on a girl when she does not want you to just a form of assault, because to me it sounds like rape. These judges in Maryland need to open their eyes and see how fragile and sacred a woman’s body is to them.

Katie Fisher

Dear Editor,

It seems to me that some professors do not have a lot of respect for the younger adults on campus. Professors talk to people younger than them any way that they wish, as if the others are not adults and do not need to be treated with respect. The professors look down on students and I don’t like it. Students should be given the same amount of respect just as another adult. The fact that a student is younger than a professor should not have any effect on how professors talk to students. The way I see it, if a professor talks to a student anyway that they want, the same should go for the student. I mean, students are adults also, so why should they be treated as if they are children? I believe in treating others as they treat you, so I am all for the talking back when professors are out of line. If students gave the professors the same treatment, the students would be wrong and there would be a big altercation due to the fact that the student is talking to the prfessor with no respect (which is just a taste of their own medicine) and they would not like it. To avoid this problem, teachers could just watch the way they talk to students and give them respect. By doing this teachers will not have students feeling as if they are children and do not have to be treated with respect they also will not have to deal with students catching attitudes because of the way they are treated. Teachers, please treat students with as much respect as you want because we are adults too, it would make life much easier.

Steven Dogan

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the email that was sent on 11/14/06 to all West Chester students concerning the Free Room and Broad Program. As stated in the email, students who were taking 6 or more credits during the summer could receive free room and board for the summer. I know many people who planned on taking summer classes over the 2007 year, but now cannot because they can not afford to. I am a freshman student who is trying to graduate within four years or less if I can, but the only way is through summer classes which would be too expensive for me this up coming year. In the email, it left me wondering. It did not say where the university was getting the money toward this program in the first place. Why not get it from the same resource or find another resource that would be willing to cover the room and board tuition. Stated in the University’s Values Statement, “We value our mission to provide the best educational opportunities.” Give us that opportunity.

Anisha Johnson

Dear Editor,

I must insist that you do something! Please, walk outside and take a deep breath of fresh West Chester University air. I must tell you that I’ve tried and it proved to be no good! It seems that when class is over, students scramble outside to take a “drag” of their infamous cigarettes. I personally despise tobacco smoke because I fall victim to a household of smokers, which after nineteen years of living with it, gives me instant headaches. Why would anyone start an increasing epidemic labled as a “death stick?” Some would argue that it’s an addiction, a trend, it looks cool, but to me, it’s simply stupidity! Did you know that 50% of college students smoke tobacco products, according to How could a person put their self at risk for lung cancer, emphysema (which has a survival rate of 16.4%, according to Wikipedia), and potential death from these illnesses. Are bad skin, bad breath, smelly clothes and hair, yellow teeth and fingernails worth it? These smokers are not only harming themselves but just think about who receives the backdraft, yup you guessed right, us nonsmokers. Why should “we” nonsmokers let the cult of smokers comprimise our health? Everyone should know that it affects nonsmokers more because of the cigarettes not having a filter when it enters our lungs. Wikipedia also states that, current scentifific evidence shows that expsure to tobacco smoke causes (involuntary) death, disease, and disabilities. I, for one, will not put up with inhaling these toxic fumes for three more of my college years! Many protestors have asked nicely for bans, but now it’s time that “we” nonsmokers come together and do something aggressively!

Gayle Mobley

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