Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

With the NHL All-Star Game coming up on Saturday, this is a good time to look back at all the action from the first half of the season. I’ll give you the good, the bad, and the Flyers.The Good-Sidney Crosby leads the league with 72 points. The 19 year old superstar and fellow young gun Alexander Ovechkin (65 points) lead the NHL’s resurgence. The Nashville Predators lead the league with 71 points. The Buffalo Sabres are second with 70 points, and these two teams are the two poster boys for the new NHL with their great team speed and youth. (Paying attention, Bobby Clarke?) Apparently no one told Martin Brodeur that he’s 34 years old. Mr. Reliable has turned in another great season with a goals against average of 2.01, a save percentage of almost 93% and 29 wins.

The Bad- The New York Rangers have come back down to Earth after last year’s resurgence. Despite Jaromir Jagr’s 60 points, the team has struggled to find consistent scoring. Rick Nash. This guy scored 41 goals two seasons ago. He is having his fair share of problems putting the puck in the net as he has only managed a paltry 13 goals. Todd Bertuzzi has never been the same player since the infamous Steve Moore incident. Traded to the Florida Panthers this off-season for one of the best goaltenders in the world, Big Bert has been often injured and has only been able to play in 7 games for the Cats.

The Flyers-What is there to say about this team? Peter Forsberg can’t finish a game and is likely to be dealt before the end of the season. Derian Hatcher, Joni Pitkanen and Kyle Calder have combined for a horrible -71 +/- rating. Hatcher looks like the worst defenseman in the NHL. This team is definitely feeling the after effects of some bad moves by ex-general manager Bobby Clarke, and have only 27 points as a team. By comparison. Chicago and Columbus are the second worst with 41 points. On the bright side, the Flyers and Sixers could both have the #1 overall pick in their respective drafts this year.

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