Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

When was the last time you asked someone on a date to his or her face? Better yet, when was the last time you told someone that they were not right for you to their face? In the past it was taboo to even call someone on the phone and break up with him or her. However, in the days of instant messenger, Myspace and Facebook our general communication skills have gone down the drain. I am in no way judging these communication networks; they are great resources to get to know other and stay in contact with people you don’t see that often. However, I am judging the people that rely on these means of communication as their only way to the outside society. Yes, technology has helped our generation in many great ways, but are our people-to-people communications going to the waste side? For instance, it has been my personal experience that I have been broken up with via e-mail on Myspace. So, maybe my opinion is a bit skewed. Or maybe I am just old-fashion and believe that such important conversations as break-ups or asking someone on a date should at least come over the phone, and even that is a bit cowardly. Or is it? Have these easier forms of communicating with one another made allowances in our society for such instances as break-ups via e-mail?

Why is it that in today’s world so many people find it difficult to talk to one another face-to-face? What happened to the days of friendly conversation with someone in one of your classes instead of Facebooking them and talking to them online then ignoring the fact that they exist when you see them in person? I say, take some advice from the Cowardly Lion, ask the wizard for some courage and get off your ass and go talk to someone.

R. Brandyn Miller is a junior at West Chester University majoring in literature.

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