Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Deck the Halls is the Christmas movie to see this year. Steve and Kelly Finch had a simple life. Steve was an eye doctor and around Christmas time he was known as the “Christmas guy” around his neighborhood. That was until Buddy and Tia Hall bought the neighbor’s house and moved in, in the middle of the night right across the street from the Finch residence.

Buddy proves himself to be a complicated man. He struggles with himself and jobs because he gets bored easily and his true wish in life is to do something important; something monumental.

One night his twin daughters are looking on the internet at houses from an aerial view. They could see all of the neighbors’ houses, including the Finch’s, however, they could not see their own house from space.

Buddy is now determined that you will be able to see his house from space. He goes and buys all the Christmas lights from a local store and decorates his house with them, making his house one of the brightest in the area.

Since Steve Finch lives right across the street, it annoys him that the lights are so bright because it’s hard for him and Kelly to sleep, but he lets it go this time.

Buddy has his girls check on the internet again, but to his dismay their house is still not visible from space. He then buys more lights and more decorations.

The conflict between Buddy and Steve heightens, just as the friendship between Kelly and Tia grows. The two women beg their husbands to get along for their sake, but the two men continue to attempt to destroy each other.

The conflict reaches such a point that Buddy and Steve are in danger of ruining Christmas for everyone. Who wins? It gets frustrating on the journey to find out. As we watch one of the two get one over on the other, only for that one to come back with something else. Hang in there though, it’s worth it.

Matthew Broderick plays Steve Finch, with former Sex and the City star Kristin Davis as his wife, Kelly. Danny Devito portrays the intruder, Buddy Hall. Kristin Chenoweth appears as Tia, Buddy’s beautiful wife. And she leaves her music theater fans a little treat at the very end.

The movie is good for a few laughs, but maybe even a few tears as both of the men learn a very important lesson. Deck the Halls does a fine job of reminding us all what Christmas is all about.

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