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On Nov. 12, the Association for Women and Men in Communication (AWMC) traveled to Philadelphia for a media tour of various businesses and landmarks throughout the city. This trip was an opportunity for West Chester communication students to get an inside look at some of the careers and opportunities that are available in the Philadelphia area. A variety of locations were chosen so that all students could benefit from the experience. Many of the students on the trip were unsure of what career path they were going to pursue so it was very beneficial that several options could be explored throughout the day, they said.The trip began at 7:45 a.m. and continued until shortly after 5 p.m. Students left for Philadelphia in the morning on trains that departed from the Exton Septa station. After an hour ride, students split into two groups to visit either Lincoln Financial Field or The Philadelphia Inquirer.

At Lincoln Financial Field, the home stadium for several Philadelphia sports teams including the Eagles, students were given a personal tour of the facilities. They were shown not only the field, but also the locker rooms, the press box, and the corporate seating area. Those who chose to visit The Philadelphia Inquirer sat in on a meeting of executives while they critiqued the latest issue of the newspaper. Students were encouraged to give feedback and actively partipate in the discussion.

The next stop for the group was Hard Rock Caf for lunch, and then it was off to City Hall. Here, students were given a tour of the building while a detailed explantion was delivered about many of the activities that take place on a daily basis. Since there was such a vast amount of work being done in this facility, it was an ideal location for students to witness firsthand several careers in communication. Finally the group made its way across the street to The Red Tettemer Advertising Agency. One of the founders, Ed Tettemer, gave a presentation to everyone about the world of advertising and the importance of this field. He used several examples of effective commercials to further demonstrate his points, and his honesty and humor kept the crowd entertained throughout the entire discussion. His message was that those in the advertising industry need to emotionally connect with their intended audience and seize every available opportunity. As he said during his speech, “Customers don’t buy products, they buy solutions to problems.” After his speech, Tettemer answered questions and talked to several students about internship opportunities through this company.

Although the tour officially ended after the visit to the advertising firm, several students chose to remain in the city a little longer to explore on their own. Everyone else boarded the trains back to Exton. Even though the weather was rather dismal, with rain, cold temperatures, and strong winds, the trip was an overwhelming success for the students and AWMC.

Students were informed about a wide range of careers available to communication studies majors, and several received information that could lead to possible internships in the future. Effective planning made this a worthwhile experience for everyone who took advantage of it. Communication major Josh Mayer said, “This was a great opportunity to visit Philadelphia and learn more about what I want to do after college. My favorite part of the day was touring Lincoln Financial field. It made me want to go to an Eagles game.” The trip was planned and organized by several membersof AWMC, including the president, Jen Wolf.

Wolf said, “I am so happy with the way the trip turned out. We had a great group of people who were genuinely interested in learning more about what each place had to offer for communication majors. Everyone told me they enjoyed the experience so I definitely think the trip was a success.”

AWMC takes a media tour every semester, but the destination varies each time. Past trips have included places such as New York City which is again being considered for next semester’s tour location. Boston is another possibility for the spring semester tour. Each trip is offered to interested students at a reasonable price. The trip to Philadelphia was $35 which included the train ticket, lunch at Hard Rock, and all activities. Students should watch for advertisements for next semester’s trip after the new year.

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