Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

This letter is to remind those who knew Asia, how beautiful her life was. I still cannot grasp what has happened, I still think I can call her and hear her voice. I don’t think that anyone will be able to put into words the sadness and grief that has taken over. I knew Asia since my first year at West Chester, I don’t remember a time she didn’t make me laugh. It didn’t matter to Asia, the color of your skin, she loved everyone. She could be perfectly at ease in a room of people who were complete opposites of her. I plead with those who knew her, not to remember the tradegy but to remember her life. She was a dedicated student, friend and daughter. I will never forget all the times, she stumbled half asleep into my dorm room. Each person who knew her has memories just like mine, keep them alive. Don’t focus on the horrific way she was killed. Rejoice for the life she lived, the memmories she created. I feel blessed to have known her, and only wish it could have been longer. I can’t say when it will stop hurting, each day brings a different pain. I do know that by reaching out and being there for one another, the pain won’t be as bad. We all think of the “what if’s”, and they contribute to our pain. I want to remember Asia similing, her mother said ” whoever did this, must not have known Asia.” And I believe that. I can’t fathom anyone who really knew her, could do this. Asia always had a different hair style, some crazy clothing, and oh yeah those beat up tim’s!! She will always have a place in my heart, and nothing will be able to compensate for the lose of one of gods angels. I hope that her death was not in vain, and something positive can come out of it. I hope that everyone even those who didn’t know her, can say a prayer for her, let her hear how missed she is. As the days go by, the pain will ease, the tears will stop, please don’t let her memory fade.
With all my love Asia,
Lauren Sikorsky

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