Mon. May 16th, 2022

In a world as hectic as today’s, it’s easy to forget that we as humans are not only physically and emotionally complex, but also spiritually complex. Thankfully, West Chester University is the host to many diverse organizations that allow students to express themselves spiritually and in the fellowship of those who share their beliefs. One such example is the Christian organization known as the Campus Covenant Fellowship. The Campus Covenant Fellowship, led by pastor Joseph Stigora and represented on campus by his intern Stefan Bomberger, is an outreach of the Covenant Fellowship Church. The organization started several years ago, but really began to take off about two years ago. What began with three members soon grew to 25 and the group has been thriving ever since. While one doesn’t need to be a member of the church to be a part of the organization, the leaders of CCF are also members of Covenant Fellowship Church.One of the features that CCF offers is a program called “Alpha.” Alpha, which is a 10 week course, is a program designedfor those who are interested in Christianity but are unfamiliar with the basics and want to learn more. The course runs through the main points of the Bible, answereing questions such as who Jesus is, why he died and why we should read the Bible. The group, which meets every Wednesday evening at 6:45 p.m., enjoys a free dinner provided by the church followed by a message, typically dealing with evidence behind Christianityʼs claims and its applications in our everyday lives. After the message, the group breaks down into an open discussion where questions can be asked about particular Christian issues.

Matt Davis, who leads the Alpha group and is also a WCU student majoring in mathematics, explains the comfort level found in these discussion groups. “These groups are no pressure and you will never get called on. Therefore, one could possibly sit through the 10-week course and not say a word, although the course functions best when everyone really brings the questions and problems they have into the discussion.” Davis has been leading Alpha for quite some time, with the current group being his third. He finds an amazing amount of personal fulfillment in his job. He describes the experience as “unbelievable.”

“I love looking back and seeing how many people’s lives have been affected and changed through the Alpha course at West Chester. We have had about 20 people complete the Alpha course at West Chester, and the difference it has made in many of their lives is tremendous. I find no greater joy than performing the task of communicating God’s word to His creation and seeing it transform the lives of those who hear it.” In addition, CCF is also behind what is known as “Discipleship Groups,” or “D-Groups.”

D-Groups, each consisting of a small group of people, meet every other Thursday night at their own separate times to have an in-depth discussion about a particular book. Currently, each DGroup is reading “Transforming Grace” by Jerry Bridges. On the opposite Thursday evenings, all the D-Groups unite for what is called a “D-Group Rally.” Together, they go out on campus and spread God’s Word. DGroup is an excellent way to meet new friends and to reach a new level of connection with God.

Next semester, the Alpha and D-Groups will be meeting together for dinner on Thursday nights, before breaking up into individual groups. CCF will also be offering a new course in January called Beta. Davis describes Beta as “a course for those who are beyond the basic level of Christian knowledge, but still have a number of deeper questions about Christianity.” Davis highly anticipates what awaits the CCF next semester.

“It will be exciting to see how God moves through these groups and how the Gospel is preached to the campus.” For more information on the Covenant Campus Fellowship, Covenant Fellowship Church, Alpha, Beta, or D-Group, visit their Web site at www.covfel. org.

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